Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gifts From Switzerland

Got a call from my insurance agent saying she would come over after 2pm... she just came back from Switzerland and wanted to visit me. Actually I wanted to see her too.... YES, to buy some insurance... heard too many cases of people getting sick....

Nowadays it is so common of the Capital C for Cancer, it is not shocking anymore when people get sick, what is more realisic is whether we have the finance background or not, first thing people asked is, "got buy medical insurance ah?" Well, at least one burden is off our shoulders if we have health insurance.

Oh, I am off topic now.. actually this post is about my insurance agent giving me some souvenirs from Switzerland.... so nice and generous of her...

a stainless steel teaspoon with nice carvings..

and three pieces of yummylicious chocolates...
wait for my sons to come back first before we savor them..


  1. swiss choc..the best in town leh

  2. The Bucherer spoon is a free gift from Rolex Company in Lucerne. Every walk in customer will be given a spoon as a door gift. Mum and I got two when we were in Switzerland.
    The chocolates are very tasty especially the Prix Garantie. Very smooth and it just melts in your mouth.

  3. saorise: thank u....

    kayce: yes, havent tried them yet..

    kathy: yes ah.. bestest? lol...

    mingna: hahahhaa.. really? but nice leh.. stainless steel.. free also take la.. cant wait to enjoy the chocs... wait next week.. now put in fridge first.. u have been to so many countries, eh..

  4. wow so cute.. love the little golden spoon

  5. *sulk* gimme some, Mama Claire. I love chocolates!

  6. Wait for your sons... You're just like me, everything - must keep and wait for my daughter. One cousin gave me some things and he had to say - eat it, no need to keep till your daughter comes home. Hahahahaha!!!!

  7. You must be really blessed, another gift.. Thank god for the blessing

  8. Oh cute spoon!! N lovely chocs! So thoughtful of your insurance agent:)

  9. LOL @ situapui... i suppose all parents are like that? :D

  10. bluedreamer: yes, cute.. must use it otherwise go rusty..

    mery: yes, esp the chocs..

    cleff: next time i go, i buy back for u.. hehhheee...

    stp: why are we like that one huh? must wait for them then only more shoik to eat, hor? our old habits never die one..

    eugene: yes, very very thankful to God.. He takes care of us..

  11. *wink* i tot she gave u rolex from switzerland! lol.... :P

    Chocolates sedap jugak! :D

  12. War...your insurance agent so generous huh! ;D

  13. Ah, the Bucherer! I was there during my visit in Lucerne in the year 2000! I was given a spoon just like what your agent gave you, too!

  14. sweetwitch: yes, very thoughtful of her..

    medie007: most parents.. i guess including yours too!

    wenn: how to diet like that? hahaha...

    merryn: wah, i pengsan if she did.. even buy 1million insurance also wont get that.. hahahaa...

    tekkaus: insurance agent sudah jadi fren... :p

    henry: wah, so nice.. not bad actually.. stainless steel with carvings.. so u been there already? so blessed!

  15. i went bucherer for two times...two times i got the same spoon...until now they giving out the same spoon...they never changed their free gift at all

  16. wow so cute.. love the little golden spoon.THANK,S
    gift pakistan


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