Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bringing Back Old Times In Cameron Highlands

I am still fascinated by the memoirs in Time Tunnel Cameron Highlands. The owner is a middle aged man, he speaks english to us, in fact he is someone known to us. For four years he has opened this Time Tunnel and he told us that during weekends, the response is very good. He goes all over Malaysia to look for old stuff... and these old stuff are not cheap at all...

When my sister comes back next week from US, I will bring her there... she will love to see these authentic momentum as well....

between Brinchang and Tanah Rata

reminds me of my younger days' dining table..

the charcoal and the burner...

F&N drinks.. those days
we only got to drink these during Chinese New Year only!

the fire crackers those days.. now all banned liow..


  1. omg so ancient! looks so nice.. i shud show my mom diz one! :)

  2. ya i remember the charcoal and the burner. Ours was red. And the scissor like "kiap" to kiap the charcoal..my mom used that the kiap the rats and throw it away

  3. caroline: next time take yr mum there... hehheee

    kathy: yeah, until today, my mum still using leh..

  4. Interesting! I have never been there!

  5. this better than museum.seeing all these really makes one selves recalls so many memories...be it sad or happy...,life really is...* sigh * - mai kong lah,kong pun bo yiong

  6. i nearly wanted to go in as this time tunnel place is the only shaded attraction in CH. Before we paid, the rain stopped and we cabut-ed. Now, looking at your post, I'll visit on my next trip. I like the F&N bottles. A friend gave me a set to keep 2 weeks ago - 1 orange + 1 sarsi.

  7. foongpc: u should make a trip there.. something different!

    ah ngao: wei, are u that sentimental??? :)

    elaine: yeah, if u have the opportunity, go there and have a look, though it is 5rm, at least something different to look at besides the normal muzeums.

  8. I missed the firecrakers. I wanna play those retro stuff. :)

  9. tekkaus: hope the govt will lift up the ban.. :p

  10. Never knew this place existed... which part of Cameron is it located? I would love to visit this place too!


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