Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Jackson One Year Anniversary...

I did not realize that today is Michael Jackson's first anniversary of his demise until I heard his songs being played on the radio whole day through by certain channels. Is it one year ago already?? I asked Aaron this morning while we were driving out for our brunch. Unbelievable...

Time really fliessss... I thought it was just months ago when I heard of his death, I can still remember very clearly that early morning while I was driving to work, the news of his death was announced on the radio. And after that, Michael's songs were put on non-stop on the radio.

To confirm this, I referred back to my posts on Michael Jackson's just now.... yes, I wrote a few on them here.

Listening to his songs on the radio, it brought back memories, sweet and sad... yes, listening to his songs made me Emo... he was born in 1958...I am two years his junior.... we "sort of" grew up together...

Michael Jackson is still missed by me, by you and many many others from all over the world....


  1. time. i lose track of time.
    it flies when you don't want it to and it stays too still when you want it to fly.

  2. Time flies so fast....MJ has RIP for 1 yr.I still miss his Songs alot.

  3. tuti: i agree with that...

    willie: yes.. dint expect it too...

    mery: yes, i will miss seeing him perform ever again..

  4. yeah man, 1 year already, so fast kan, i din realize too

  5. I feel the same way! It seems like only three months ago that I watched the memorial service on T.V. Time goes by faster the older we get. Such a sad case, because it did not have to happen. Here in the states, us middle aged people always ask "Where were you when J.F.K. was assinated?" and then, many years later, "Where were you when you heard Princess Diana was killed?" So now it will be "Where were you when you heard Michael Jackson died?" I clicked on your link and read about your own story, I still have some catching up to do on your older posts.

  6. eh? 1 yr already??? Omgoshhh.... sooo fast...

  7. It does indeed seem like just yesterday I learned of Michael Jackson's death. He was so talented.

  8. It has been one year already. So fast. :/

  9. sounds like just passed few months right? :( i love his songs. :)

  10. irene: yeah..surprising...

    ginnie: so the latest will be "where were u when michael died?" yeah.. pity.. he is really an unique one..

    tekkaus: yes, time flies, hor..

    caroline: me too.. !

    cherly: very entertaining pop king !

  11. 2011 just round the corner.wonder where's Michael now..??up in the heaven,6 ft down there or ...may be the family haven't buried him yet.nobody knows the exact location of his body,it seems.

  12. Ya lor, when I heard it on the radio, I was oso thinking, "Eh, so fast 1 yr edi?"

  13. Has it been one year alrdy?

    Thought it was his six months death anniversary when his songs were played on the radio. time files.

  14. my birthday reminded me of MJ anniversary... =X

  15. ah ngao: they dont know where? maybe not dead yet?

    slavemum: yeah, very fast one year hor..

    jessie: yeah, i also tot few months only..

    june: something to remember him by.. :)

  16. i don't even remember when was that. no wonder there is a day where the radio played his song all day long!


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