Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Mission Made Possible...

Took a few days leave to travel south, taking my kids, sister and mum along. In another few days, the American yee-yee, as my kids call her, will be flying back to her home in San Francisco. We will miss her dearly again.... each time she flies home, a part of us will go with her. Then in another two years or so, we will see her again... hope the next time I see her, I will be the one visiting her instead...

as for this trip, our mission is to...



and Shop...till she drops...
while people watch football
we guys go shopping mall...


  1. muhahaha...claire..wanna adopt my anak kucing as son or not? Then he can help u spend your money also :p

  2. When are you planning to visit the states?

  3. Makan, minum dan beli....ha ha ha! have a nice weekend!

  4. hahahaha! i prefer shopping with daddy! cz he will not care what i want to buy and just say OK! lol

  5. kathy: he can be my cucu liow.. sure granny will buy things for cucu one.. no kira.. :)

    stp: no definite plans yet... why? u planning to go too? i never been to US before, most likely in another year or 2... :)

    pete: people see football, i go shopping mall...

    caroline: what a great life u have! your daddy and mummy are treasures!

  6. sister still here?? wow...have a great time.. :)

  7. cathJ: yes..she is enjoying to her fullest..

  8. Now shopping is the perfect way to enjoy a day...

  9. Eat...drink...and shop till drop? So a lot of you were injured lar? Because you guys dropped so many times mah.

  10. cheryl: that is absolutely right for ladies!

    tekkaus: ladies ma.. shop till drop.. no strength to carry the bags liow..


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