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Sick But Contented...

I am sick today.... i mean i m on medical leave.. in fact for 2 days! Yeehhhhh... ouch!!! hope my boss is not reading this!

Woke up feeling very lethargic, have been feeling this since the day I came back from Penang around 1am... by the time I slept, it was almost 2am...

Yes, stamina has gone flat... too much traveling has taken its toil... finally "bomb exploded" in me..

On the brighter side, I am now relaxing at home, recuperating from the flu which is coming too... I can feel it.... anyway, I do not feel down... I feel happier in fact.. I am not bored.. so much to do.. cooking, blogging, chatting.. and with my kids here as well, what more can I ask?


  1. what more about..someone massaging your massaging you feet....then one feeding you durian....hehehe

  2. Lovely new layout! Nice!

    I hope you get well soon. Drink plenty of water.

  3. kathy: wwwaahhh... tonight i go dream first..

    aishiang: thank u..yes, will drink lots!

  4. i hope you get well soon yah.
    take care.

    my next post destination is Pompei. :)

  5. Ya...I wouldn't have the energy for all that running around either. Old liao! LOL!!!

  6. kikey: where on earth is that? hahaha.... ok, wait for yr next post..

    stp: lets shake hands! must admit our age.. does count! lol..

  7. Get well soon...
    'Enjoy' your day off hah...

  8. I am so sorry you aren't feeling well! But you have such a great attitude about it, not letting anything get you down. Home is the only place I want to be when I'm sick! Keep us posted on how you're feeling.

  9. Feeding durian? Habis...surely the sickness will aggravate. :)

  10. mingna: time flies even faster at home.. :)

    ginny: thank you.. yes, home is where i want to be.. each day!

    tekkaus: sigh...

  11. Clair: Rest and get to feeling better really soon. The flu is so hard to fight.

  12. Sick some more wanna eat durian so hoi wai ar?! :P Rest well Claire!

  13. I hope you are feeling much better and more rested soon. Take time for yourself!

  14. Ai..sick also still want to blog..pengsan. Take more rest lor...

  15. agnes: ate one seed today.. beh tahan.. now sore throat.. sigh..

    cheryl: yes, i m resting in front of pc.. hahaha...

    ling: sick cannot blog? i lagi sick then.. hahahaa...

  16. Harr.. must be too much of travelling and durian no rest aa.. :P Joking joking. Get well soon! Rest well and drink more water. :D

  17. maybe you are tired out. recently reading yr post, skali cameron, skali KL, skali PG, skali.. some bungalow places... LOL
    rest well first, my dear...

  18. charlene: true true...

    elaine: yes, u followed me throughout..u know what is wrong.. hahahaa...

  19. sounds like fun wor... having your kids around while you blog and cook. hope you are "long ma jing san" already!

  20. Thanks for the post.Welcome break for you from the mundane.Moreover your kids were with you.Hope you don't get a serious flu attack.Take care of your health.Don't overstress yourself.

  21. boeyjoey: fun ah? yeah yeah.. actually with them around, it is always wonderful..

    webdesign: thanks.. i m well now..


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