Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Travel Plans

For the past week, I have been traveling quite a lot, from north to south and south back to north in a matter of days. Though I was tired during the weekend, nevertheless I enjoyed the trips spent with my childhood friend who came to visit from Canada. She and I were like sisters, spending our first 18 years together, living under the same roof. We had a good time reminiscing back the good old days, how we laughed over what we had done during the time we were kids.

During the last night in my house, we were quite emotional, we know we will miss each other when she flies off. Before she left, she told me that I should visit her once again in Toronto, she will look out for the best holiday deals when she goes back. I know she surfs a lot daily and yes, I have plans to go to Toronto again, I am going to visit Niagara Falls, it is simply spectacular! The last time I went, the trip was very cheap, all thanks to the holiday deals, it is always wise to surf for more travel information before we pack our bags and go. :)

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