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Monday, July 19, 2010

Into The Night Of Highlands Hotel

When darkness fell, we took a long walk outside... wanted to feel the "spring" cooling air of Gentings....

this "baby" jumped with joy...
she was really "springy" all of a sudden...

ooooh... mami is so cold...grrrrrrr....

lets do some "exercise"...

the boys were not left out...

one in each pic...

inside Highlands Hotel...
We walked and walked till my legs "surrendered" and it was around 10.30pm when we went back to our rooms. We went into the casino for a look-around and came out cos the other two "minors" were not allowed to go in. Under 21 years of age is prohibited... too bad..


  1. wah got Tai Kar Jie style wor..kakaka

  2. hai lo.. dont wan to be "har" by anyone ma... hahhaaa....

  3. I used to go every year and more than once, from 2003-2007 as my bro in laws love to go there and near KL. SO can have one day trip. Not anymore now.... got small kids, very difficult to bring them there.

  4. spendidstars: yes, it was alright.. hahaha..

    chrisau: yeah, let them grow a bit bigger than they can enjoy.. now my kids all outdoor games.. thrilling ones..

  5. Oh, another place I would love to visit one day.

  6. lynette: Yes, you should come and visit Gentings.. it is cooling and fun...

    willie: why not plan a trip here..

  7. I like to see you, and many great pictures of you!! Your family is just so beautiful and you are so very blessed to be close to each other! You must be a wonderful mom!! But the outside of the hotel is like nothing I've seen, so pretty. and I love the two of you between the elephanst!!

  8. ginny: cos it was night and misty.. nothing much captured.. the exciting parts are all inside the buildings, casinos and the crowd..

  9. Sometimes taking a short break at a cooling place can be very nice too

  10. mommyling: r u going? :)

    caroline: yes... we do!

  11. Did you try your luck in casino?

  12. Clair: Neat shots at evening, your kids are so darn cute.

  13. dora: no la.. none at all.. :)

    fishingguy: thanks!

  14. So did you have fun at Genting? The last time I went there, I did not sleep the entire night. Haha! Just sat at Starbucks and chit chat till morning! : D

  15. foong: then u saved on yr lodging la.. hahaha...

    slavemom: yes.. we had..

    lily: yes we did.. thanks!


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