Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cheers To Fasting Month!!

It is 11th August today and I have not finished all my reports yet... so much to do and so little time... for a "meagre" salary, I have to slog till my eyes turned teary... lol.. just kidding... I love my work here very much. Though work is compiling each day, I do not mind, I love working in this office... my colleagues are beautiful and sweet... no more dictatorship as in 2008. LOL.....

I sit here almost 8 hours per day
looking at the screen and the papers...
that is my work ... it feeds me and my kids... LOL..

then yesterday.. I received a bit of cash incentive...
blessings from God...
I "fed" my colleagues with pizza and ....

Kentucky Fried Chicken..let their fingers licking good..
before they start their fasting today...

You Happy? I also Happy...
(only pocket not so happy) hahahhaaa...
A silly joke again...

This looks good, eh...
A vegetarian pizza specially for my colleague
who was on vegetarian yesterday...

Happy Fasting, friends!
Hope I can half-fast too!!


  1. Eh? Vegetarian can eat bawang meh? thank God I just had pizza... thanks to STP. LOL... he 'seduces' me to eat pizza yesterday.

  2. OMG...i m drooling for the mini pizza...looking at those melting cheese.

  3. sobs...i want kikisi.... drooling jor...

  4. Aiyo.. must go get something to bite on tim.. drooling.. You are so very generous, Claire.:P

  5. Lol, u r very generous to treat your colleagues.

    Makan besar sebelum puasa, right?

  6. so nice of you Claire, I'm sure you are a great n caring colleague

  7. You are so sweet to do such a nice thing for everyone, it all looks soooo good! And I love that you showed your office! Now I get to see where you work!

  8. Whoa Claire, looking good there! drool!

  9. cleff: i want to do the bread pizza too one day.. just like what u all did.. :)

    ling: i tot u just did that! :p

    kathy: apa tu???

    inspiredmum: not really.. bite gums one..hahaha..

    jessie: let everyone be happy.. hahaa..

  10. elaine: no la.. cos i rec some bonus ma..

    ginny: yes, part of my working cubicle.. good to give, right? and receive too..hahaha..

    merryn: cis, i tot i looked good.. hahaha

  11. I wanna join in makan too.....LOL! Selamat Buka Puasa!

  12. looks really yummmmy lah!!! so nice of you to buy pizza and chicken for ur coworkers :)

    have a lovely day

  13. you're a cool lady. great to work. wish you happiness everyday!

  14. Oooo...the pizza looks great! Yum! Hey! What incentive? lucky, money raining down from the skies!!! Ooi!!! That Cleff blaming me kah? Tsk! Tsk! Sendiri tham ciak! Hahahahaha!

  15. fasting month but then so many food to eat. :D

  16. pete: come .. come...hahaha

    jen: i was feeling hungry too that time..

    tuti: i wish u happiness too in your workplace too!

    stp: once awhile take fast food is fine.. i get "muak" taking them often..

    tekkaus: pre fasting month.. one day before... makan puas puas.. hahaha

  17. wah, u are sooo kind, claire! your office looks like a bank... betul kah?! hehehe... sometimes i miss working, but when i'm working, i miss staying at home... how ah? is this a desease i hv?

  18. sjb: sure can..anytime~~

    irene: a small incentive.. so have to belanja.. normally those who get incentive have to treat..
    i also dont feel like working but...

  19. Me too. Like Irene, I work, then I hope to stay at home and be a SAHM, but on the other hand, I feel so hard to let go my income. So good of you to treat all your colleagues with KFC and pizza.

  20. @ Cikgu... bwhahahaha... you got me browing all the way to Hell's Pizza... and I had to settle for Pizza Hut cuz Malaysia tarak Hell's Pizza~!

  21. wow, everyone is enjoying the food!

  22. your church doing the 40-days NECF fast? Should go on in for a breakthrough :)


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