Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Time Visit To Unique Restaurant, Tambun

Yesterday Aaron came home, much to our surprise, we didn't expect him to come back cos he told us he had some programs on with his friends. Well, I guess his food instinct brought him back very timely because I had planned to go and try this promotion in Unique Restaurant in the evening.

After reading Mingna's post about their promotion, buy one, free one for RM68.90, I was eager to go and try out their abalone, shark fins, prawn... etc etc.... All the food are posted in my Letswallop blog, see for yourself whether it is worth it or not..... :)

it was almost 7pm we reached this restaurant..

called ...Unique Seafood Restaurant...

location was very nice..
just behind are the mountains

so green... so comfortable....

"elephant trunk clams"
not sure about the name..

spider crabs...

one for the album...

with Tammy....

the ambiance of the restaurant...

the food on promotion..
they are all here....
I would love to go there once again...
who wants to join me?? :)


  1. I hv been there once and the food there was good.

  2. wow... look great.. expensive..??? there r one restaurant that selling those seafood too at selayang,taste great but the price is killing us..
    anyway, the elephant trunk clams real name is geoduck...
    i know it when i visit to the restaurant at taste great with sashimi n shabu shabu...

  3. Geoduck. Only been here once or twice. I saw that promo leaflet too. Shall go try some day :)

  4. The restaraunt is beautiful both inside and out! So all the seafood is live in those tanks? The spider crabs are horrid looking, I wonder if they taste different from other crabs? You got a LOT of food!!!

  5. What a nice surprise to have your son come home! The restaurant and food sound very good.

  6. Hello Reana, wow! Tambun? I remember back in the 70s lots of pomelo orchards there. Used to go for evening drives there.
    The restaurant somehow reminds me of Edens in Penang....

    I have always loved those Tambun hills....

    You sure know how to enjoy makan. like my wife, can eat but never put on weight.
    You very slim too....good for cheong sums, ha ha.
    Have a nice day,Lee.

  7. Wow..good feng shui. Got strong backing/support - the mountains!

  8. wenn: from the menu, their prices are very reasonable, of course, the seafood is of seasonal pricing..

    shuying: i must try it one day.. as well as the alaska crabs.. must be with a bigger group too..

    cathJ: yeah, me too.. nice..

    Agnes: for the abalone and shark fin, that is the price.. the other dishes are not too expensive..

    ginny: Chinese believes in eating varieties.. hahha...

    cheryl: yes, i think he smelt that we were going to somewhere nice.. hahaha..

    U.Lee: hahha.. nice compliment but not so true.. i m not slim nor look nice in cheong sam.. hahha..

    stp: chinese sees to all these, right? lol...

  9. A fun and interesting post and I enjoyed all your photos very much. Thanks for sharing.
    An English Girl Rambles

  10. me!!! me want to join!! bring me!!!! hahaha

  11. denise: glad u come by and enjoyed.. :)

    caroline: hahaa.. sure if u come ipoh before this expires..

    gab: when coming? :)

  12. Oh...this one should be near my parent's place. Hope the promo still on by end of this month.

  13. much food to eat...I lau hau sui lo...mmmm yumyum *wink

  14. Hmm i wonder is this the same Unique Rest in PJ also.

  15. ANN: forgot to ask them too.. :)

    elin: wanna go one day?? :)

    rachel: i think it is the same.. branch..

  16. I always get very confused with Tambun as far as seafood is concerned, cos about 30 minutes from where i live there are many seafoods restaurant and now you are saying another unique Tambun seafood restaurant there,, confused confused lah.

    hey sister, have a great week ahead and god bless ya

  17. The only unique thing is the elephant trunk clamp. :p So unique ler.

  18. eugene: that one is Bukit Tambun, is it? or is there another Tambun in Penang? not so sure ler..

    tekkaus: i havent tasted that before too..

  19. The restaurant has a very nice surrounding & the food look great too :-)

  20. Me, I wanna go! And you look very happy and jovial in the photos which means the food must be good, hehe :)

  21. dora: yes, i like the surrounding is just next to the Sunway Lagoon.. i forgot to mention that...

    cas: good or no good, also walloped.. first time make the best out of it.. :)

  22. Oh Claire! I am glad that you have finally made your way to Unique. So how does the food taste like?

  23. mingna: we sure will go again.. wanna try other seafood.. crabs also not touched yet.. hahaha.. that day the abalone..very small la.. not enough.. hahaha

  24. Unique Seafood here is quite expensive but premium quality seafood. Looks like the same Unique setup at KL & PJ.
    Food good ? I love the abalones !

  25. Unique Seafood, not sure is it the same one as in KL and PJ? I been to both, food ok, but expensive! Someone buying me dinner, so it's ok. LOL!

  26. i guess not halal right... sigh... i have to settle with lala chong.

  27. elaine: the abalone was just right..but a bit small.. hahh...

    annie: i think same la..i heard got branch there...

    lily: sorry, i dont know about that.. but abalone is halal..

  28. Really liked the location,very nice and the unique thing was the elephant trunk clams,the pics were all nice.Thanks for sharing with us...


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