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Mr Ivan From TM Net

From the time I got "released" from work at 4.30pm today, I have been so occupied.... gone are the days when time is "abundant." hahahaa... someone will sure "tembak" me later...

After work as usual, on the dot 4.30pm, I punched my card and went off.... gotta rushed back to call TMNet before it closes at 5... They promised the Netbook be delivered two weeks from date of application but now it is going to a month and still no sign of Netbook or whatever book they are supposed to give me. I called the and one Mr. Ivan answered that TM has made a mistake in the applicant's name and they just fixed it last week. So he told me to wait for 2 weeks more... Gosh!! (I felt my temperature rising... not sure why, hot weather, is it?)

I retaliated by replying that since it was their mistake, they should not make me wait another 2 weeks, they should speed up the delivery in these 2days instead... Mr. Ivan being so nice said that he would do as I requested... Wahhh... so gracious staff TM net has now... Whether it really arrives in two days or not, I do not know, but the way the reply was given, it sort of "cooling" and "soothing" ...all at once, the heat in me melted... (suddenly weather not so hot...)

Well, I guess this is the type of etiquette we love to hear, especially addressing to ladies like me.....who is in the midst of undergoing abnormal "hormonal change" these days....haahaaha....


  1. huh! Really make me laugh... haha... So, now you 'lembik' already lah? Hope you're enjoying your evening.
    Cheers, kristy

  2. kristy, memang sudah lembik.. hhaha.. watching badminton now..

  3. Mr Ivan knows Service Management... so, u wait la... haha!

  4. Mine was delivered within 2 weeks. Ipoh should get it faster than Taiping because the HP guy who delivered the netbook to me is from Ipoh.

  5. chris: no choice..wait 2 days or 2 weeks.. sigh..

    mingna: there.. 2 weeks, right? i have been waiting for 4 weeks and somemore have to wait 2 more weeks.. that was when my blood started to heat up.. hahaha...

  6. Haha! So easily soften by his empty promises? OK, maybe not empty. We shall wait and see, yes? : )

  7. You know, when I was living in Coventry... when i go to the marketplace... the fruiterers and butchers will address me as "Darling, poppy, sweeheart, my Love..."

    "Love, would you like some strawberries?" or "Would you like a bite of these, sweetheart?"

    It was really common there in overseas. But it's very hard to find people who uses terms of endearment or being extremely polite to us in Malaysia. LOL... that is why I like going to my regular nasi lemak stall. The Auntie there will say "Selamat pagi sayang. Cepat pilih, nanti habis..." and each time i finish pay, that auntie will say " Esok datang lagi ye, sayang..." LMAOO...

    LOLOL... ok... I like ppl to sayang me and endear me. Cis... I'll stop here. Getting too long liao!

  8. LOL at your post.
    and double LOL at cleffairy post. i guess human nature want to be appreciated. hehehe

  9. Yes, they should send it by overnight delivery! Becuause it was their mistake and they need to make good on their promise.Let us know what happens!

  10. foongpc: I know it may not be possible but u see, it is the response that cools one down.. at least it cooled me down before i blared further.. hahahaa..

    cleff: hahaha... it works, right? softer and politeness.. humans love that kind of greetings esp when we r the customers..

    goldlflower: in other words, we need pampering..hahaha..

    ginny: i guess i need to wait 2 weeks as he said, the 2 days might be just a consoling statement..

    fishingguy: yes, i hope so..

  11. You are just lucky you met a nice guy at TM.. I have been to TM POint so many times, my temperature increased each time (weather getting hotter and hotter).. hahaha

  12. it helps when you set your expectations a bit lower, they are well known for delays, well at least my part! and i just so love their idea of patching up phone lines. we used to stay in a condo. there's a box where the phone lines are patched. whenever someone applies for internet connection in the block.. the contractor will come and do his thingamagiccy... and voila.. internet connection sudah ada.. then someone in the condo will hv his phone line off. and he'll call the telekom contractor again to get it fixed and contractor #2 will blame contractor #1. #2 will fix it and someone else will hv his phone line screwed up.. and it just goes round and round and round the whole condo block ! *BIG SIGH*...

  13. I wanna apply too. :( Haih...too bad I don't want to cut off mine and wait for a month.

  14. OMG. You hv not seen the monster in me. I really beh tahan TM liao. I think i will write in to newspaper. Mine is regarding $$$ issues

  15. kiasumum: somemore, me more heaty bec of old age! lol...

    elaine: so in the end, it comes back to yours.. hahaha..merry go round..

    tekkaus: oh.. internet got one.. only the netbook never come .. 2 weeks without internet, can tahan or not??

    rachel: wah, u sound more "heng" than me.. wanna post it up first?

  16. Hi Claire. Hope you will sort your TM out asap with Mr Ivan's promise. :) My email is THanks

  17. I've a string of issues with TM both personal & work, all very disappointed! Last time I'll say never set high hope on them but now I'll say it's hopeless :-(

  18. Hopefully... These customer service people employed to handle - some following a check list like robots...and they will promise you anything! Dunno TM but Celcom - I never bother to call anymore. Waste my time and money only... All dummies there!

  19. Of course it works. Cis... sweet talk me... call me sayang, say please, say thank you and stuff... my heart is all yours liao. Magic words, I tell you.

    All ppl need to do is ask me nicely, and I will try my best to do whatever I can for them. See Joshua? That boy pandai bodek me... so each time see me... what he ask, I try to give. *pengsan*

    And you know, Claire... there's this korean stall in Midvalley, KL... I'm not really a fan of korean food, but the Auntie who works there, alamak, so polite. She will bow to me, and greet me, den ask me if I'd like to try some korean food. I paiseh, so each time I go there, i will beli some of her food and eat. LOL. What's worst... she got me to go and learn abit of korean and talk to her in a very, very broken language. Cis... the things I do when people sweet talk me! *pengsan* Nvm... at least now I pandai talk abit of korean, and know how to order food in korean... quite an achiement, I must say. *bangga*

  20. Claire...hope u get your net book fast so we can go surfing while we eat our lunch...and get your oxygen tank so that we can breathe a little better :p

  21. So nice can leave at 4.30pm :-). Hey, you know or not? Government people all very courteous now, ok? I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the post office recently :-).

  22. cy: thanks! now i have forgotten why i asked.. hahaha..

    dora: never give up.. maybe they will improve one day...

    stp: u also no hope on them? sigh..

    cleff: lets see, what shall i choose for my birthday.. i will keep calling u sayang till it comes.. then u will be lembik and give me anything i want.. :p

    elin: 2 more weeks ah.... !!!

    peiyi: now different.. the old timers all retired ma.. haha..

  23. What a nice Mr Ivan! He must have done a pretty good job to be able to cool down Claire the Great! LOL! Do let us know if your netbook arrives 2 days later then!

  24. 1 out of 100 only this nice.. the rest all block heads... everytime answer by reading form a handbook I think... pffft.

    But since I am not in M'sia anymore heee heee heee!!!!

  25. LOL? Your bday pressie + Xmas pressie oredi prepared. =P

  26. This is a worst thing done on behalf of TMNet. They should apologize for the situation and deliver the commodity as fast as possible.

  27. they hv to be nice..the lady who answered my call reg my streamyx asked me to grade her service..i graded her 5, the highest!


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