Friday, August 20, 2010

Pokemon Versus Labrador

Reached home this evening and was surprised to see this "weekend guest" at my doorstep... suddenly I recalled this friend wanted me to "dogsit" her "Pokemon" puppy at my house for the weekend.... almost forgotten all about it till I saw Pokemon in the cage outside....

Meet Pokemon, the Pub..
What er...Name... lol...

Labbie and Pokemon looking so bored...

I thought of something "exciting"...
I let Pokemon out from the cage...

and.....a Dog War has been created!!
gosh... really Havoc!!!

Labbie forbidding Pokemon from going into the house...

Labbie chasing Pokemon till the poor puppy
had to hide under the car....
at that moment, I stopped taking pics
and have to control Labbie from "bullying" Pokemon..

ok, back to the cage, Poke-mon...

and Labbie was at peace again...

Sorry, the last part was meant as a jest.. they were not into fighting but were playing with each other actually.. gosh..those who know me know that I was just kidding here.. think I would really see them fight? gosh!! I was just using the pictures and the captions are just jesty...

Just to ease your thoughts, Pokemon is Labbie's friend, been here few times for the weekend to play with Labbie... they get along together very well.. not to worry... I love dogs, I cannot tolerate fights and blood... that was meant as a jest....sorry if I have hurt u all.. it was unintentional...


  1. labbie so handsome n pokemon so cute....~

  2. Oooo... due to jealousy, I guess.

  3. oh dear.. i cant stand ONE dog.. give me TWO dogs.. i'll faint in front of YOU!

  4. Oh gosh 'pokemon' sooooooooooo adorable!!!!

  5. Put Labbie in Pokemon's cage for a night. Let them settle their difference. Lol ;D

  6. My friend also has one! It's really cute. Btw, your Labbie looks really fat... my beagle too! haha....

  7. Poor Pokemon. New environment. Big bully. I won't mind having Pokemon for a night or two. My boys will looove it!

  8. You don't give Pokemon something for the cage? Kesian his paws, I'm sure it hurts and would love to be outside.. hehehe

  9. the dog so cute! n what a cute name pokemon. hehehe

  10. shuying: Labbie girl la. hhaaha.. pokemon is cute. yeah!!

    mingna: yeah, sure jeles one..

    merryn: u faint, the dogs will lap lap u all over..hahaha...

    kristy: labbie is fat, everyone says but i see normal only.. hahhaaa..

    denesa: yes, he is cute.. like bulldog!

    mimi: yes, we gave him blanket for the night..

    goldflower: i also think so too..

  11. i like the pokemon rather than labrador.

    small size plus cute and easy to carry.

  12. Cute post, Claire... The little Pug is a cutie---but the lab is KING of the house.... Will they get along???? Keep trying... ha (Good Luck)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Ish... that Labbie... must be jealous... Labbis is quite territorial, no? She dun have any dog friends? *shudder* Pity Pokemon... =S I wouldn't want you to catsit my cat... sure kena bully by Labbie. Tsk tsk...

  14. Guess we know who is Top Dog at your house!! He he he he!! Poor Pokemon!! You will need to shut labbie away for short times and give the little pug a chance to run.

  15. Give it a bigger cage. It's already stress due to new environment and then chased a dog that's way bigger than it.

    Release it to flex its feet but keep the bigger dog away/chained. It might seem funny to you but animals has different stress level. It might no be showing now but after few day, that little dog will start chewing sheet/shoes due to trauma (the one you thought funny).

    All dogs owners need to educate themselves. Search online, make sure of the free information.

  16. can that Pokemon stand up to your giant? Hah!!! Somebody has given you some good advice... Don't they have dog "hotels" in Ipoh? They have in Kuching - owners going on holiday can leave their dogs there, dunno how much they have to pay a day.

  17. perhaps labie is just jealous of the little pug pokemon!

  18. Labbie is really a gud dogsitter! :p

  19. Awww... Pokemon looks exactly like my Georgie (my eight yr old pug) when he was younger. You know, I love their flat nose and round innocent eyes.. hahaha...

  20. Wait... that is not a bulldog? =.=

  21. chvoon: yes cute and chubby too! very heavy...dont judge by the small size..

    betsy: after awhile, can get along cos dogs need time to warm up..

    cleff: she whines when she sees cats... :)

    cloudia: aloha to u too..

    ginny: yes, he will run in the house...

    anonymous: he will run in the house itself.. but now both of them are playing along well already.. he is 2nd time here for a short weekend.. actually both dogs were playing, my Labbie will not bite, she is very gentle, only bit strangers i think! thanks for your information anyway..

    stp: only 2 nights and off he goes.. this fren of mine likes to drop pokemon in my house cos of my Labbie... got company ma..

    benggee: actually they were playing with each other.. chasing one another, they know each other one..

    caroline: she feels like big sister! cannot go in the house...

    inspiredmum: pokemon..hahaha.. now and then he will come for the weekend...

    cleff: looks like one hor? i also tot it is a bulldog.. hahaha...

  22. did the 2 dogs bark until cannot tahan? i had this problem last time when 2 different dogs in the house. cnanot tahan

  23. Rachel, no they are minding their own business, but at certain times, they play like real buddies.. funny, big and small also can ngam together.

  24. oh sweat. i wish i can be there to see the "war" hahaa...must be super hilarious. lol.

  25. Hahahaha pokemon also kalah by Labbie ah...hoho siew :D

  26. you going to let the have dog fight again!!! hahaha. Pokemon so pitiful bully by Labbie. My older dog didn't chase fifi when she was a puppy, but scare of her instead. funny

  27. hi claire, i hope your friend doesn't read this post. as someone who loves animals, you did a cruel act of having the poor animal tortured by the bigger one? what will your friend say? they entrusted the animal to you and that's how you treat it? i'm sorry, i usually like your posts but this one is really insensitive.

  28. It's like releasing your 5 years old kid in a Secondary school that's full of bigger, taller and stronger teenagers. And then just watch from the side, thinking it's funny how the small kid being pushed around.

  29. Oh my, they're both so adorable.

  30. ah...cute!!!! wanted to adopt another puppy but with 7 cats and 4 dogs??...I don't think my dogs could tolerate to have a new puppy in the household...

  31. gab..when they play together, it was really cute, yeah.. Pokemon teased Labbie and they ran after each other...

    nana: not to worry, they are actually friends, Pokemon is the one who is braver than Labbie...

    sjb: yes, he is...

    cacho: if u know me, u wouldnt have said that.. i surely wont let the dog fight blood shed.. they were actually playing around with each other.. Pokemon is the one disturbing Labbie most of the time..

    anonymous: this is meant as a jest post, gosh..u think i let the dogs fight in front of me while i take pics?? u dont know me then.. i used the pictures to do the bloodshed.. they are actually frens cos Pokemon used to come to my house during weekends! U can see my previous posts..

    Kay: yes, hahaa...yes, that is why Pokemon is put in my house.. they keep each other company..

    angelbear: gosh, u have so many in the house?? that, i cannot cope with.. one or two, i still can.. hahaha...

  32. hi claire! thanks for adding that note. for a while i was so upset. i have a number of dogs you see. but you're right, i should have known you better because i know you're a kind lady. glad to know the dogs are well. take care and i guess i'll be back visiting again soon.

  33. oh the lil pug is too cute! you are a kind soul Claire and i know you won't even harm a fly...hehehhehehe

  34. This Pokemon reminded me of Men In Black wor..hahhahah

  35. Amber would love Labbie.. Does Labbie keeps you company when you blog at night ?


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