Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Rehearsal And The Real Thing

The other day I was attending a function at a certain department when I heard this choir group rehearsing at the compound. Being a music lover, I couldn't help going near and taking a picture of this group rehearsing and rehearsing the two songs over and over again. It was almost perfect already....

Then when the function started.... something unforeseen happened....

The music came out loud...but.... when they sang, the microphones produced no sound at all!!

The music technician could be seen in a panic mode... cos got BIG VIP there too.. and poor thing, he couldn't get the sound system working at all.. and the Poor Girls and Boys...singing in front of the big crowd but could be heard mumbling only... sigh... I could see the disappointed faces of the choir.... all their hearts were sunken.... so much preparation and all gone down the drain....
Nevertheless, they had to continue singing, with or without the mic...

the rehearsal...


  1. Well... this wasn't the first time and it won't be the last time either... I am so used to such encounter and most of the time, I was involved, as ............ one of the singers. Biasa lah, PERPADUAN mah.

  2. Oh, my, you happened upon a mishap. Did they ever get it fixed in time to hear anything, or did it go on through the whole thing? I guess that's what rehearsals are for, to find the problems before the real thing. Good thing they did this rehearsal!

  3. Wow...what a shame huh! I mean...well...he should have double and triple check! :/

  4. poor thing... if me.. I already stop and ask to restart... heheheh will never sing mumbling... ;-p

  5. It is really sad to know about the incident. This is not the first time I came across such thing, it happened with me a number of time but in different events. The organizers have to be more careful about this type of things. Bye.


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