Monday, September 13, 2010

A Date With Wenn

Yesterday morning after church at 9.40am, I met up with Wenn for breakfast... arranged to meet in Kao Lee Restaurant for dim sum. It was so terribly crowded, people waiting just outside the door... Me and Andy didn't give up so we waited alongside with them till we finally got a table for four near the entrance. By the time Wenn arrived, it was just nice...

It is good to meet her again... as usual, we had so much to talk about... Andy left first, leaving us ladies to catch up.... lol... but before he did, Wenn did a snapshot of us... only regret, I didn't take a picture with her.. this picture was taken from her post... she was indeed fast!! Thanks Wenn..

our dim sum breakfast..
more pictures in Wenn's Scrumptious blog

Wenn thanked me for the dim sum
and I had to thank her for the yummy chocs
and the home-made desserts!!

what a nice cooling dessert for a Hot Sunday!
Thank you once again Wenn...
Hope to meet again soon!!


  1. This is the second time you met up with Wenn, right? i remember the first time it was in a very nice cozy restaurant you talked about it in your blog.

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun! What is that dessert?

  3. It's nice to meet with friends and share meal with them. Your food are so delicious and the desserts are just divine. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  4. so sweet of you to celebrate wenn's birthday together.. haha, and i think it's even sweeter of wenn to give you "present" on her birthday treat yeah?? haha~~ :D

  5. I love the tau foo fa dessert! Cooling and refreshing on hot weather :)

  6. Friends, how much I wish I could have more friends whom I can spend time 'yum cha-ing' with them. All of them have left Ipoh for better advancement of career. I'm not back yet, though I think I'm the nearest, a mere 40-minute journey from Ipoh. I wonder if I would ever return to Ipoh. I speak better Hokkien now, I feel so comfortable staying in Taiping, a place which has got so much to offer. I'm no longer an Ipoh mali, instead, I occasionally claim myself as Taiping-lang now.

  7. nice meet up and nice time come to kl, let me know ok!

  8. the desert and Kao Lee....great dim sum!

  9. Great meet-up! I have never been to Kao Lee before. Heard that their dim sum is very good hor?

  10. Nice shot of you and Andy!

    I like Kao Lee dim sum too :)

  11. lychee dessert... yummy~ I want too hehe

  12. I hope you enjoyed you time with him. The photos you posted were really great and both of you were so happy. I hope both of you will stay together in this way. Bye.

  13. wow... nice dim sum...

    and the dessert looks like frutti tutti. lol. just had the frozen ice cream just now, like supeeer niiiicee....

  14. eugene: yes, we ladies have lots to talk about.. hahaha..

    ginny: some kind of jelly dessert..

    mel: thanks for hopping over..

    sk: yes, she is very generous!!

    mingna: next time i go taiping, can i catch up with you there? or when u come back to ipoh.. lets go yam char for the 1st time..ok?

    via: sure or not..u such a busy man! :)

    ann: not so nice la.. but no choice.. cos everywhere also crowded..

    agnes: i prefer yuk fook moon anytime..! hahaa..

    adrine: thanks! wenn captured that..

    ladyviral: yes, me too..i like it..

    vernon: hahaha..

    medie: on hot weather it is superb.. !

  15. nice meeting u again..more to come.

  16. Nice gathering....Too bad no pic of you with Wenn.

    Just wondering what dessert is it?...Looks yummy.

  17. Sure... I am looking forward to it.

  18. What fun to meet up with a fellow blogger. A very nice photo of you and Andy.

  19. That your son kah? Looks like he's putting on weight...the cheeks more fleshy now, can cubit already? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  20. wenn: yes, more to come..

    mery: that one is agar agar soya bean with longan dessert.. :)

    mingna: ada email?

    cheryl: thanks!

    stp: hahahaah..dont let him read that.. :)

  21. what a lovely meet up. I can't access into Wenn's blog as a message popped out telling me there is a virus or something like that.

  22. mnhl: oh really? i m in her blog now.. must tell her then..

  23. Wow nice - meeting you alliance in person:-D

  24. Oh...that's one of my fav dessert. but my mom disallow me to eat too many of that cos once i told her i eat it everyday...kakaka..

  25. "Meal" exchange? You belanja dim sum and in return Wenn give you home made dessert. Yum!!


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