Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gurney Plaza, Penang

Whenever we go Penang, shopping malls such as Queensbay mall and Gurney Plaza is a Must for my girl. Now as a teenager, she wants to choose her own stuff, no more mummy buying back for her. The bigger they grow, the more expensive their attires are... they need this and that, believe me...

While waiting for Andy to finish classes at 6pm, the three of us walked and shopped till we were exhausted....

The Gurney Plaza

Girl doing her own walking at times..

while mummy snapped pictures here and there...

the Raya atmosphere in Penang..

girl having a touch on the giant Wave

poor brother.. "coolie"
Not my things.. all belong to my girl....

finally... our shopping ended here...


  1. hahah! remind me of shopping time with mommy! :p

  2. I wish I could shop here! Two floors, balloons, and everything! What is that big white thing, is it where they have fashion shows? Coolie brother picture is too too funny! And look, her hands are empty and she has gotten you both to carry everything!

  3. Looks like they were enjoying themselves.

  4. yeah when she starts working I guess she'll spend thriftier on her hard earned money :-)

  5. I used to go there with my daddy, brother, my wife and my late mother. *sob! sob!*

  6. Holy Smoke! When they build this place? Hope those makan places I used to bring SYTs still there, ha ha.
    Happy holidays,Lee.

  7. Wah! Shopped till you dropped? I went there twice during my last visit...not as big as Queensbay - I like. Can't tahan big malls, old man cannot walk so much! LOL!!!

  8. caroline: so yr mum paid a lot too!

    sjb: as in ladies? :)

    ginny: she loves to "bully" her brother..

    kathy: very terror la.. u in BX...

    patty: they sure do..

    tekkaus: sorry to remind u ..

    dora: hope she does!!

    U.Lee: come to Penang.. and u will be amazed...

    stp: sama-sama.. walked little while also tired me..

  9. I was once told, girls are more expensive than boys! In terms of 'maintenance' :p

  10. nice family outing! though mummy has to foot the bills, lol.

  11. great family! enjoy your shopping

  12. agnes: i have to admit that.. hahaha..

    tuti: hope they know what to do next time.. :)

    atoqa: yes, we did..

  13. What a fun shopping time with your children, except for the purse :D. Here in UK, it can be a heart attack experience...haha

  14. I want shooping also..where my mummy :)


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