Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Royal Hotel, Penang, Left And Right

Whenever we go to Penang, we will put up a night at either Gurney Hotel or another choice is Royal Hotel, formerly known as Dorset Hotel and before that, Sheraton Hotel.

Gurney Hotel is more expensive because it is a one room suite, it cost around RM210 whereas Royal Hotel along Jalan Larut cost around RM160 per night with 2 buffet breakfast. Both hotels are easily accessible to food court and stalls, that is most important. :)

Last week we stayed in Royal Hotel.... 15th floor and from up there, I can snap these shots with my handphone....

scenery from the left..

scenery from the right side...

left side..

this not so sure left or right or front...

from the 15th floor down....

in front of the hotel...
ooppps...height phobia... legs turned jelly...


  1. You mean those photos were taken using your handphone? Wei, your HP very canggih leh... So sharp woh...

  2. ur handphone cam is very good!!!!!!

  3. mingna: yeah..handphone..daytime good.. nightime...terrible! hahaha...

    merryn: 3.2megapixels.. not bad for daytime only...

  4. Gosh, mountains and skyscrapers galore! What kind of awesome cell phone do you have, anyway?

  5. Fear of heights? Got window nevermind no need fear!

  6. Oh that reminds me of my old office was at the 20th floor back then its Sheraton and would be able to see almost the same view as your post. Before Sheraton it was Faber Merlin..tQ for bringing back those sweet memories. Btw did you try the curry fish head next to the hotel? Not sure it's still operating there.

  7. Holidaying in Penang again? Do call me and Eugene when u r here again.

  8. The Sheraton Hotel was originally Penang's Merlin and I didn't realize they have changed hands few times till I read your blog. Gosh! I've been away for too long.

  9. From the 15th floor, the images still very sharp leh. Are you using iPhone 4?

  10. ginny: a year and a half old nokia xpress music handphone.. hahaha

    ladyviral: how to overcome that..

    bananaz: yes, u r very right.. merlin time, i havent stayed there.. only sheraton time.. no, havent tried the curry fish head.. i think no more la.. dint see...

    jessie: eugene very busy one.. dont want to kacau him...

    twilight: i also heard from my frens... so u r penangnite..

    spicymom: no la.. mine is 5800xpress music nokia..:)

  11. Oh the one opposite the kfc... Never stay there before. My favorite place is G-hotel.

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