Thursday, September 16, 2010

Working At Home

Today is an off day.... so anyone is as "hardworking" as me??? aikksss..... lol...

I woke up at 10am (paiseh, paiseh) reluctantly in fact, all because of my friend's wake-up call for breakfast. Answered her call in a sleepy voice, told her to come at 11am.... at least I have an hour to make a "Fitline" drink, "beautify myself" and the remaining half hour to check my emails.

Exactly 11am, she came and we went to town for our "brunch" and after that, "tar pau" back for my kids. After our meal, I took my car for alignment, for many days already, I realised my car kept going left instead of being straight.... that alignment cost me RM30....fair enough..

Now I am home.... did some posts up as usual... no time to blog hop yet.....contemplating whether to do some housework... such as these.....
so so messy!!
and this....drawer too...

took these two pictures..
so lazy la...
they "looked" at me and I at them...
so what's next???


  1. Me too not working. Hibernate at home and do some cleaning like u as well.

  2. ling: i am procrastinating ... now hibernating too.. in front of pc.. hahaha...

  3. Hi...nice to meet you at home now, mom....

    Thanks for commenting on mine....

  4. It is time to do some housekeeping now. Another 3 months, there comes Chrismast and 2011 New Year.

  5. yes, i think you are the most hardworking blogger i know. everyday also got post, even on a public holiday :)

  6. homy: hahhaa.. mom to u...

    sheohyan: sigh..a lot to do and so lazy.. yes, time flies..

    barb: more hardworking online than doing housework..sei moe.. hahahaa...

  7. Parents these days... So kesian. Got children, also have to do everything like a slave... SIGH!!!

  8. errr, ok ah, not very messy what.. still quite organised until you saw mine, hahaha!! anyway, just close the drawer, and everything's clear right?? :D

  9. You are very brave to show us your messy drawers. I've seen worse!

  10. stp: it is my own fault.. i like to do it myself.. sigh..

    sk: aiyah..why didnt tell me earlier.. now they are all packed.. :)

    ginny: in no time, it will be messy again .. hahaha..

  11. lol...I had to work on 1 Msia day so no house cleaning for me. IN fact worse....have to work from home and take care of the 2 kids on holiday!

  12. Your drawers are not too bad... you haven't seen my drawers' "conditions" yet...

  13. hahaha.....I will need some mood to do these cleaning things. But most of the time, I don't have the mood to do.

  14. ann: poor girl.. never mind..they are precious all the same.. :)

    boeyjoey: a high 5 to u..

    mnhl: i agree with u completely..


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