Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blunders At Work

The time I feel most fresh in the day at work is during the mornings when I reach office. That is the time I feel more alert and the brain can work furiously fast.

But come mid afternoon and till 5pm, my mind tends to be slower and attention power begins to dwindle. Making it worse is doing my own personal stuff while working on my official work together at the same time. Mind dissected....

One of my colleagues told me that while she was doing her Autocat work, instead of typing in the filename Block-C, she typed Blog-C..... and she didn't realize it until a few times later....

We had a good laugh when she told me about it during our lunch break....

I had made blunders too... so much so.. I dare not mention to anyone... hahahaa...


  1. "Shhh... today she's in a bad mood, just keep quiet."
    I often hear them whisper when I enter class in the first period. I often find it hard adjust to the right mood early in the morning. I have tried so hard to at least smile but my muscle and nerve just fail to coordinate with each other. To make the matter worse, I have the type of ferocious look when I'm not smiling.

  2. Blogs and facebook can be very distracting.. hehehe

  3. The Korean food looked so yummy, Tiger beer somemore. No wonder cost you so much.

  4. Unfortunately, I can help nothing. I think, you will find the correct decision. Do not despair.


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