Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday To The Trio!!

To my three special persons of my life, Happy Birthday to you!!

this is a very special cake.. done by Elin herself
For her own special Birthday
which was few days ago...
As usual, she didn't want a grand affair
She quietly shared the special moment with her loved one at home!
But as usual, she is so nice...
she shared her "passion cake" with a few of us...

let me tell you...
this cake.. u cannot get it anywhere..
the richness of the butterish and chocolate-rich
wow.. indescribable!!

and now..this cake was from Secret Recipe
Aaron bought this for Gabriel and Fernie
he said "killed two birds with one stone wor"
Save pocket and having a Blast at the same time!

There they are... the Birthday Boy and Girl...
Wishing you three the best of everything and May God Bless you Always!!


  1. Could you please hand me that slice through the screen?

  2. Ooohhhh looks very yummy! Happy birthday to Elin, Gabriel and also to little gal Fernie. :D

  3. ginny: u know i would love to.. lol..

    cleff: yes, thanks! hahaha..

  4. 3 on the same months! Good things happens in 3? hahahaha

    Happy Birthdays!

  5. War...all in the same month? :D Hahaha :D The more the merrier mah. Congrates to them.

  6. Drool...drool! Haven't had cake for some time now. Secret Recipe had short cakes kah? Thought theirs all tall ones. I guess this must be their cheese cake... The icing so horrible lah - kalah flat if compare to Elin's. (Now, Elin must belanja me big makan liao!!! LOL!!!)

  7. P.S. Gabriel's birthday too? Happy birthday, Gab. All the best in the year ahead, God bless.

  8. kathy: like that one? hahaha..

    tekkaus: yeah, u r right!

    stp: sure no problem one.. before u come, u better announce it to her.. she prepares good cakes for u.. !

  9. wow....3 on same month? Happy birthday!!! Happy Birthday!!

  10. elin's cake look especially nice! aww i think i need to pay visit to secret recipe soon for cake. happybirhtdaytothem!!!!! heheehe

  11. there's always a wonderful feeling during our birthdays even if we don't have grand celebration.

  12. Happy Birthday Fernie and Gabriel ! May the Lord Bless the two of you with a bright futurs and good health always :)

    Fernie : Auntie owes you a cake :p will make one asap :) a belated one la

    Claire : Thank are so sweet :) thanks for the wonderful birthday lunch treat too :p

    STP: problem but must give ample notice ya :)

  13. thank you all of you...for your kind wishes upon this trio.. hahaha...

  14. Oh...this cake is so rich of chocolate...Geee...drooling!!!

  15. Happy belated birthday to Elin, Gabriel and Fernie!

  16. A very happy birthday from me too to all of you. May the coming time be full of joy and happiness for all of you.


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