Friday, October 15, 2010

A Small Gift Called Neonode

Something to remember by....
When we came back from our Korean dinner and coffeebean dessert meal, it was almost 10pm..
Time to open her "overdue" present.... lol...

Here she is ... with the small package... she couldn't guess what it was even after a few tries...
what do u think it is?

a touch screen mini handphone called Neonode...
guess not many heard of this, right?
anyway, I think this gift is more suitable for
Andy than for Fernie... hahahhaa....


  1. Never heard of it but would like to know more about its function.

  2. She is so pretty and looks to be happy with the package, I imagine delighted when she opened it. I haven't heard of it before either.

  3. merryn: hahaha. i know this one will be unknown...

    mingna: it is just like a handphone.. only thing it is not sold here but export to other countries..

    cheryl:yeah.. she certainly is.. this is a cell phone..touch screen

  4. You are right, I've never heard of this. Why don't they have them here?

  5. Ohhh... I'm kinda of curious to know who's the generous person that give such pretty lady a sophisticated birthday gift!;)

    Have a great weekend Claire!

  6. ginny: it is founded in Sweden.. and sold there .. mobile phones with touch screen

    alice: who else.. :)

  7. wow, such lovely gift..Fernie must be really happy.

  8. Neonode....I thought Korean food.....he he he

  9. I know about this phone. I have toyed with it some time go. :) A good phone I have to say.

  10. Looks nice. Swedish? Must be good...

  11. oh I've never heard of this phone before. expensive toy :)

  12. touch screen mini handphone? Never heard this before, i thought is a game toy. LOL!

  13. wenn: she is meddling with it..u know kids, they learn fast..

    pete: swedish name..

    tekkaus: hahaha..u r the only one who heard of it...great!

    stp: not sold here.. yeah.. very small.. i think our fingers are too big to handle that..

    barb: no wonder she cannot guess too!

    annie: no, it is a cell phone..

  14. ehh never heard of this mobile device. hehe. :D

  15. wah...... what a generous mum! Next time, my birthday also give me one la...

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  17. Yes, you are generous, I only bought cake for my girls on their birthday. No present one.

  18. kath: who and which? :)

    caroline: only tekkaus.. hehehe..

    chris: u er.. sigh...

    asianguy: last time chat was spammed.. so i took it off..

    sheohyan: depending on my budget.. :)

  19. Cute phone......Where u buy tis phone? Never heard of the name be4.

  20. This is the first time I come to know about this device. It would have been great if you have explained it in detail. Waiting for another post on this instrument. Bye.


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