Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Taiping Lake

These are pending pictures, wanted to post up long ago but kept procrastinating... this is ME!

As you all know I love going to Taiping for food, let me tell you, it is not all about food only, I do take walks along the lake... I can never get fed up of the scenery ... On that particular day, we walked along another part of the lake we have never been before... maybe we do not have this type of scenery anymore in Ipoh... so whatever we saw, we took some pictures here and there..

this is another part of the lake..

let's walk around...


  1. The last time I strolled at the lake was like 30 years ago! Goodness! Must go again and bump into you...

  2. ooohhh...nice place. I was told perak got a place that plants tulips, issit true?

  3. it's indeed a nice place to walk around. Very neat and looks safe.


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