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The Many Looks Of Claire

Once upon a time.. five decades ago to be precise... a bubbly baby was delivered in Mary Sim's maternity home....
Two years or so later..
the baby emerged to have this kind of LOOK!

Plump and rounded, a toddler LOOK..

Another 10 years down the line...
this became her LOOK!

Like a Wannabe...teenager

Another decade passed by....

her 20s... LOOK!
from then on, she advertised
"Colgate" and "Darlie"

One more decade went by....

In her 30s...LOOK!
still working for Colgate...

another 10 years danced along...

wrinkles started to grow on her 40s LOOK!
but she still wanna advertise her "colgate"


Her 50th LOOK!!
(in another 3 hours to be precise)
AT 50, she still wanna fool around
with the pictures, her robe...

Well, give her a break, please....
It is her B-Day...
Let her have some fun...
Just laugh it hard feelings!

After all, she is now in her 50th LOOK!


  1. Happy Birthday Claire. Best wishes to you and stay young forever!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Claire! Many happy returns and best wishes! Btw, I was born at Mary Sim's, too!

  3. Happy Birthday to u n u r still young.

  4. Happy Birthday....still look young lah!

  5. Happy Birthday Claire!! You still look young, don't worry.

    Have a great day!

  6. Happy Birthday, wish you stay happy, healthy, slim, young, pretty and wealthy forever.

  7. wwwaaahhhh....tonight I cannot sleep liow.. so much nice wishes!
    Thank you so much...


  8. Happy Birthday Claire! You still look the same since 3 decades ago! Apa rahsia awet muda kamu? The Colgate smile isit?

  9. Happy, happy birthday and many, many more.

  10. Happy Birthday Mum!!! See u soon..Be blessed :)

  11. Claire, Happy Birthday! You look smart in that rope and no longer the colgate model:)

  12. Wow, you still manage to preserve your baby photos, that's definitely your treasure!

    Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you all the best and have a wonderful brithday celebration!

  13. LOL... Happy bday, Claire.. kakaka... and since the kucing will be kacau-ing you in Ipoh next mth... I will kirim bday pressie cum xmas pressie thru her. LOL!

  14. Happy Birthday again, Claire.'re like fine wine, gets better and better with age - looking good!

    No grand celebration - 50th birthday kah? Chinese say - "make nest" (cho siew). How come you never invited me leh? Tsk ! Tsk! *goes and sits in corner, sulking away...

  15. HAPPY, HAPPY BITHDDAY, Claire!!! and I will tell you the truth, you get prettier as time goes on, you are just beautiful and glowing! I think that must come from having a good spirit inside! Have you just graduated from something? 50 is a big one, do you feel 50? You look like a young girl, you and your girl probably have people mistake you for sisters.

  16. HI Everyone up there.. sorry, I cannot give an individual reply .. so much work, even on my B-Day!! Must announce it to my bosses whom I bet they wont bother at all!!

    Glowing? hahaha..u should see me in real then u might change your mind..

    Well, anyway, today I will receive all compliments, I dont care, this is a one time one year affair...
    I wanna receive all your wishes with thanks!!

  17. One year younger...
    Happy hatchday, Claire!
    Go and have fun!

  18. Happy Birthday to u Claire!! have a blessed n wonderful one with loved ones yea! ;)

  19. Still advertising for colgate at 50. Hehe. Happy Birthday Claire. Hope you have a really really good one celebrating with loved ones. :)

  20. I thank god for a friend like you and thank god for blogging for getting to know you there.

    well 50 is the beginning of all the good things to come,your children will shower you with loads of love and more of it.

    thank you once again and wishing you a great Birthday,,, don't worry about that waistline, go and hantam as much as you love to for today you are the queen.

    God bless you and the entire of your family... ya

    oops before i forget, thanks for all the gifts too...

  21. Claire: Happy birthday to you dear

  22. Happy fifth birthday only 5 years old..age is just a number! Have lots of fun.

  23. Thank you , thank you....
    yes, our age is just a number.. we are always young at they say...

    Eugene, what gifts do u refer to?? :)

  24. Claire....Happy Birthday and many many happy returns of the day. Have fun and eat that cake ...forget about those calories! It is healthy no worry abt the extra inch :p

    Have a great day !


  25. Happy Birthday, Claire!

    Btw...wanna ask you...what is your secret ah? I see photo in your 20s then on till now look the same geh. Tarak aged much. What's your secret recipe?

  26. Happy Birthday! Yup, u didn't change much from 20s, what's your secret?

  27. Happy Birthday again. You look gorgeous...still the same as in the 20's photo :)

  28. hahaha..what a coincidence! these four comments is about 20s and 50.. what secret? I have 3 kids.. maybe 3 kids can give a younger LOOK? hahahaha...

  29. Happy Birthday Claire! Still looking as lovely as your 20s! :)

  30. happy birthday claire..though the looks have transformed but the colgate signage always there..LOL..Have a great day, Claire!!

  31. 50 is just a number. You are as young as you wanted to be XD Happy birthday, Claire!!

  32. hahaha.. wonder how much Colgate can offer me..

  33. Happy Birthday Claire...look younger...must be the smile...keep on smilling...may you have many more to come....Have a blessed day with your love ones....Cheers.

  34. Happy Birthday Claire! May all your wishes come true!


    God bless :)

  36. thank you from Hot Spicy Mama! hahaha...

  37. Hi Claire,

    Many happy returns of the day and yes, you still looks stunning at 50! Keep it that way girl!

  38. Happy Birthday! But hey, I thought you are only 49. This is Chinese calculation?

  39. sorry. i think my facebook year is wrong.. :)

  40. Happy birthday Claire!! You looked the same as you did 30yrs ago - SERIOUS!

  41. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! As pretty and charming as the first day the LORD brought her into the world !

  42. B'mama: that is a nice thing to read!! hahaha..

    foong: terima kasih...

    daddy: yes, thanks unto our Lord for His mercy and grace!

  43. Happy Birthday Gal. Your baby photo was so cute!!!!!! I have started using botox creams!

  44. You look young always.
    Feel not much change from 30 to 50 years old.
    How you keep it ? You modified the photos????


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