Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Pot Of Brewery Herbs

What's brewing???

it's been a long while since I last "brewed" something for my girl..
lazy mama...
by right, it should be done once a month at least
or twice per month, is much better....

inside this crock pot, I put a kampung chicken drumstick
red dates, wofberries (kei chi), tong sum (whatsticks?)
and some pieces of tongkwai..
sorry, I cannot find the translation to these chinese herbs..
this "brewery" is supposed to "replenish" blood for our body..


  1. wah....i want. Tonight I asked mum to brew. She's in Singapore :)

  2. yum! that looks really healthy and good for the chilly weather here.

  3. Wow! Must be very beneficial to the well-being of your body! My daughter's not into Chinese herbal I guess I would not be cooking that...

  4. Yum!! I just love anything with chinese herbs, especially soup.

  5. Me and my wife had this from time to time too. :D

  6. Mmmm....must be very nutritious. All made (boiled) with lots of love :)

  7. I don't think you are a lazy mama. You stay so busy posting different post for us that you rarely get time to give to your family. There is nothing bad in it. I think your girl realize that and hope she doesn't complain about this.


Thank you, readers!

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