Thursday, December 23, 2010

Aaron's Testimony....

Two days after we landed in Ipoh, we attended our cell Harvest Event for Christmas. Knowing me, they did not ask me to cook anything, knowing that I was also an "invalid" during that time.. so all I got to do was to attend with my kids and had a good gala time there despite being "voiceless."

But knowing myself, once there is music, nothing will hinders me from having a good time singing.. but this time, I was actually "shrieking" and dancing more... gosh, how awful... well, singing praises have no bounds...

some Christmas carols...

the guests .....

wow..looks like an "argument"going on...
hands gestures can be misleading, huh.....
not to worry, nothing serious there..
Just couldn't help capturing this moment of ladies' talk!

me...shrieking.."Jingle Bells!! Jingle Bells...."
croaakkk.... ahem... croakkkkkkk... cough cough!!

And lastly and not least... I want to share my son's testimony in a video clip here...
He talked about how er... 5 minutes of his life...
Just listen to his testimony if you have time..

Aaron said "God is Good!!!"


  1. Im the first one! network connection is slow now..

  2. try try try also cannot access youtube...i view again later ah..

  3. LOL... yes, singing praises have no bound... it looks like so much fun... i wish I can be there too.

  4. finally managed to view it! Praise the Good Lord Jesus Christ! Aaron is awesome!

  5. Your son is such a good speaker. Had him ever been made a debater in school?

  6. chrisau: i cannot talk one.. . but when it comes to singing, i dare! hahaha..

    cleff: yes, singing praises always get me on my feet...

    kathy: God is good!

    mingna: he cannot be a debater la.. debater must be serious looking!

  7. claire, just finished watching the video. I was commenting on elin's post this afternoon telling her that she is so blessed to have you and i also want to tell you now te same're so blessed to have all these wonderful souls around you.

  8. Very spontaneous and lively talk, well done to your Aaron!

    Merry Christmas and a happy new Year to you, Claire!

  9. it's wonderful that yr kids hv grown up fine..well done!

  10. Wow!! I get to see your son speak, What a good Christmas gift! I have always said you are a very good mom, but now I change my mind. You are an excellent and amazing mom!!! These days, it is so hard to raise children who come out good, but you have raised three without a dad for most of the time, and they themselves are shining exapmles, a testimony to you!! You are my heroes!

  11. Aaron's only 22? year older than my daughter. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

    I always consider children to be God's gifts to the parents, like my daughter is God's gift to me. You've done well, a wonderful mum you are...raising such a good son...and Andy and your girl too.

    May God shower His blessings upon you and your family this Christmas and throughout the coming year.

  12. Lena: thanks for the compliment, yes, we are blessed in a way! :)

    ginny: we are indeed in the house of the Lord.. He is the one who gives us freely...all praises goes to Him..

    stp: *wink wink* I thought your girl is already reserved?? :) but my son is very available.. hahaha..

  13. Weeweechu and family a blessed Merry Xmas

  14. I am sure we are and shall always be proud of our children, God's gift to us,,, looking at Aaron,Andy and Fernie, i know one thing for sure you have been and shall always be a great and dotting mom to them..

    Now, let sing again what...jingle jingle bell,,

    Merry christmas my dear friend and God Bless

  15. Claire, Merry Xmas to you n family. I am sure tonight will be a fun and blissful night for everyone.

  16. Watched the video.. I am sooo blessed..

    Merry Christmas and happy new year Claire.. to you and all you love 1...

  17. Clair: That was a great testimony from your son and it truly shows you have done a wonderful job in raising him. Have a great Christmas celebration with your family.

  18. Merry Christmas to you and your family Claire!

  19. hi claire, merry christmas to you and your family!

  20. I am very happy for you. May your blessings continue. Seasons greetings! ^_^

  21. Claire, you have done a good job as a parent and a woman of substance. Glad our paths crossed in this journey of life. Aaron is the same age as my daughter and he is a fine gentleman. Tronon was my hometown. May the good Lord bless you and your family always and Merry Christmas!

  22. I love the last statement...God Is Good.
    Merry x'mas...!!

  23. You look like you had a really enjoyable and wonderful moments croaking that jingle bell song *lol*.

    Here's wishing you and family a MERRY CHRISTMAS:)

  24. Wow the video is really good, well done to your Aaron for specially the last words "God is good".

    Merry Christmas, Claire!

  25. Saw Aaron speech ,was touched by his tribute to You Claire ,as a woman/ mother who braved all odds to raise 3 kids single handedly.God is Good!


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