Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fourth Day In Giveaway!

Hurry!!...Hurry.... Fourth day already!!!

Same question!

Where did I go last year in December and where do you think I am now??? :)

Picture below taken last year....

First two correct guesses will win a prize... one comment per reader per day...
You can come again tomorrow for another chance!!!

grrrrr.... cold cold last year.....
but Peace unto you all!!!


  1. Last year Japan. This year... Malaysia. LOL.

  2. 2009 - Japan
    2010 - Taiwan (wild guess) :-)

  3. Last year - JAPAN
    This year - Korea

  4. Last year Japan, this year Taiwan.

  5. Dunno la.... Just give me my Xmas gift la !! :p

  6. Last Year: Japan
    This Year: Japan again? Maybe Hokkaido!

  7. Last Year - Japan
    This Year - Korea

  8. japan... and... erm... hongkong. :P

  9. Last Year : Japan
    This Year : Korea

  10. last year, japan and this now, Indonesia

  11. ayaaa.... I really have no idea where are you this time...

    but last year... is it Japan??

  12. Alright, here are my takes. Last year you were in South East Asia and NOW, you are in SOUTH EAST ASIA. Don't you ever think I'm being rude because my opinions are differ from your daily readers ( hey, I'm also your reader! I read your blog daily!). Enjoy your tour and you are cute. :)

    P.s.I'm a woman, and straight. Not a lesbian. Your blog gives me alot of inspirations when it comes to bringing up kids as a single mom. Don't ever think I'm here because of giving face value to you. I enjoy reading your blog, and that's it. :)


  13. I love your blog. I am not here to have a fight with some of your shallow minded readers who thinks I'm jealous of you ( well, to these shallow readers- you are shallow minded!)

    If you noticed that each time 'negative' comments sprouted in your comment box, you will see people defending you. Anyway, these are not your real readers. They probably run through your blog without understanding your writing of that day before commenting. I find it hilarious.LOL.

    Claire, I truly enjoy reading your input about your life and I learnt from them. Be a jovial one and accept each comments with laughters. Don't let each comments ruin your thoughts in life. You are simple and that's the beauty of you because you don't have complications thoughts of others. That's beauty. :)


    ( I'm still having a good laugh at some of your commentors and I think you are clever enough to know who.LOL!! Stup!)

  14. Anon... ur quite a plastic. I think u read 'alot' of blogs daily...I find that hilarious too. I wonder why you only appear when Claire is not here and not when she's around? Curious thoughts. You really know how to try to get some attention, don't you? Poor thing. Serious borderline personality, I assume. Do you need a psychologist? I daresay you'd go poof-ed once Claire is back, and would continue to pretend to be her 'friend', milking the benefits of being her friends. *roll eyes*

    I have a question for Claire:

    1.Who comes online after 10pm and goes to bed around midnight?
    2.Who often comes to give you nasty comments each time you're away and rarely here when you are?
    3.Who is nice to you when they think they can get benefit from you but never around when they don't need you?

    Btw, Claire... be sure to save the comments IP for me. I'm sure it'll be interesting to find out where these are coming from. Surely it is from 'South East Asia' too.

  15. @Claire... it is scary to see what people these days are capable of these days. Be careful of those 'fair-weather' friends. I really hate to see you get hurt!

  16. last year u were in japan, this year u r in hongkong


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