Friday, December 31, 2010

A Suzuki Cup Holiday!


AN unexpected "DECLAIRED" holiday in Malaysia!! Actually I didn't know about it until I reached office, I never follow football at all, win or lose, I care not but when it comes to holiday, now I know it is because of the Suzuki cup... (any Honda Cup later on?)

All of us in the office welcomed it cos our leave were sort of frozen by our boss and whoever wants to take, we have to go approach our boss personally..... and heard that they were rejected anyway!
Now with this "compulsory" holiday.... we feel that it was God's sent.. lol...

Anyway, it is 11.32am now and I have wasted the whole morning sleeping and sitting here in front of the pc... my kids and I will be skipping breakfast and now we are waiting for one another to get ready for our lunch...

Meanwhile... Have a Wonderful Day ahead, readers!!


  1. That is MY kind of day, Claire! Sleep all morning and have lunch for breakfast. In fact, I do that a lot!! It is not a wasted day, you have been sick and you needed to catch up on your rest.

  2. *sigh* i have to work *blek*

    Just dropping by to wish you a Great 2011. May the new year brings you lot of joy, good health and prosperity :)

  3. Enjoy your day...and have a great New Year's Eve...and all good wishes for the most wonderful 2011 ahead! CHEERS!!!

  4. mommyling: i think most employers dont recognise this holiday, right?

    ginnY: my kind of day too!

    Barb: thanks.. same to you.. enjoy your work! hahaa...

    stp: Have a nice wonderful time with your love ones!! Next week is schooling time!

  5. Hi Claire, thanks for dropping a line on my last post, thanks for the kind words, and hope your 2011 will be blessed and filled with peace and joy.


  6. It is quite unexpected to get such a holiday for a tournament. It is clear that you are about to enjoy the holiday rather than the match.

  7. That's god news. You are blessed!
    Wishing you a very happy and blessed New year!

  8. I received the news from my sis b4 I reached office. Was so afraid that my boss won't recognise the hol. She comfirmed and the next day I spent most of the time, well, sleeping.

  9. penangan bola ba...terus cuti umum...huhu

  10. nice but I still got to work! tmr also got to work. No holidays for me :(


Thank you, readers!

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