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Toilet Bowl On Heat

My first time with this toilet was in Japan last year and my second time was in Korea... since it was freezing cold outside, the cold air tend to seep into the hotel walls as well... so ....sitting on top of this toilet instead had brought comfort and warmth to you-know-where part when I sat down on it. So nice and warm that I didn't feel like getting up.... hahahaha....
But has anyone tried clicking the buttons at the side? I dare not try.... I have read emails before about... this man tried and he landed himself in hospital after that..... wonder which button did the "damage?"


  1. My brother -in-law has this kind of toilet and I tried it couple of times...It tickles me every time I click the rinse button but it feels good afterwards.

  2. This whole thing is a scream!!! Why would they put a button there if it would hurt you?? I'm with you, I would be scared to push anything, maybe it would eject us or who knows what? What next, an automatic robot wiping hand?

  3. Funny these Japanese toilets. When we were there we liked the heated toilet seat but all the other features were exagerated. You almost need a manual to go to the toilet: music, heating, fountains, vibration, ...


  4. analou: so you have tried the buttons... if only they write in english..

    ginny: either it was a joke or it wasnt meant to be clicked, at least a button.. meant for ladies.. hahaha..]

    filip: i agree with you, i liked the heat too while everything was so cold.. but not sure about the other buttons..

  5. What if your butt got cooked? LOL!!!

  6. I can try to click lah, provided i do not lay my butt on it first...hhahhahah.

    on your previous post, i hope everything is well for you...

  7. Muahahaha... the man's tragedy sounded like a joke!

    Wishing you a splendid New year Claire!

  8. I used one of these toilets once and clicked one of the buttons at the side and ended up wetting myself at the wrong place... since then, no more clicking any buttons.. hahaha

  9. Oh must be the hot water button.. ;-p

    anyway... happy holiday tomorrow Claire.. ^_^

  10. I never try clicking these buttons scared after spray my pet pet and I jump out and land one foot in toilet bowl, or spray water in my face! Better jst wipe and go. Hehehehe

  11. You should have tried and let us know mah. :p

  12. read too many e mail. LOL! I read that man incident before, not sure is it the same..he press the button that to remove the tampon for the girl. hahahhahahah..forward mail, not sure how true.

  13. I saw something similar to this in Japan and when I clicked one of those buttons out of curiosity, I burst into laughter because I heard the sound of toilet flushing...

  14. stp: cooked till can get "boils?" lol..

    eugene: smart guy and thanks!

    alice: that must be a joke only!

    kiasumum: so u tried? hahaha..
    good that it didnt do something else..

    mingna: nothing else clicked? only one button?

    cath: we welcome that holiday!!

    irene: we are not adventurous hor??

    tekkaus: i scaredity cat la!

    annie: yes, that was the email!! hahaa..

  15. Ya I used those toilets back in Korea too! Very nice and warm... You didn't play with those buttons ar? You should have! Very fun.. got wash, got massage hubby kept exploring all the buttons everyday.. :P

  16. Ha!!Ha!!Ha!! very cute post. I have seen these types of toilet seats only in photos, not in real. I am thinking that i should call my plumber to fit these kinds of toilet sit in my Bath room.

  17. LOL...i still remember THAT email...ATR ..Aotu Tampon Remover

  18. I tried this in Japan oso.. very da nice lor :D

  19. sweetwitch: aiyah.. wasted my chance liow!

    kathy: hehee.. so painful!!!

    merryn: next time i will try.. but with my butt up!

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