Sunday, December 19, 2010

YongPyong Ski Resort

The next day we were taken to a ski resort... my kids wanted to have their first lesson in skiing and each of them were charged 50,000 won = RM150 per person. The fees included renting the attire and the equipment... pretty expensive but then....

Before the skiing, we took a half hour ride by cable car to enjoy the ski mountain view.....

this is the skiing resort ..

preparing to go to the cable station...

lining up ....

and then we were up, up and away......

the beautiful scenery...

after half hour, we finally we reached the top of the mountain..

where Winter Sonata was filmed here too...

it was freezing up here..
i was afraid the wind could blow me away..

all were covered with snow everywhere...

looking at the view...

too bad my camera is not DSLR...

managed to snap a few here and there...

someone asked me to send back some snow ice...

I managed to get a cluster...
but too bad I forgot to bring a tumbler :)

the snow was really fine..
if I were to fall down here, it would not be painful... huh...

now we know how it feels to be in a
negative celsius environment!


  1. What an amazing experience! reading ur post make me wanted to there so badly! :)

  2. Snow skiing! I almost got to ski on the swiss alps but mum gave a big NO when I requested. Really envy you la, Claire...

  3. War...a dream come true for you. :D

  4. caroline: next time go for honeymoon there :)

    mingna: dont envy me, i didnt go skiing la.. only my kids.. pity my poor bones.. i beh tahan!

    tekkaus: got some more dreams not come true yet.. :)

  5. It looks like a good ski resort. It has been a while since I tried it. Many years.


  6. wah..freezing cold..i hv yet to experience!

  7. I'm sure it's an awesome experience to go skiing in the snow. I hope I'll be able to experience it at least once in my life. But worry the body cannot take such adventure. hahaha

  8. But wait, you didn't tell us how the skiing went! Gosh, a half hour to go up that mountain, it must be so high, and do people ski all the way back down? How long does it take to ski down?

  9. We've been having cold weather here for the past several weeks. Right now, today at 4:30 it is -2 Celsius.

    The other morning when i took the Granddaughter to school it was 4 above zero F or -15666 something in Celsius. It was cold to say the least. Wish we had some of this cold this past summer when it was so hot and dry. This snow will stick around forever unless it warms up some.

    Hope you didn't fall while out in that while fluffy stuff.

  10. Anybody went skiing down the slope?

  11. filip: u should try.. but not me.. :)

    wenn: yes, can get frozen too! :0

    slavemom: if u cannot, i lagi cannot! i darent ski anyway..

    rachel: this evening i will post up..

    ginny: the skiing pics will come on tonight..this post is about the mountain scenery.. :)

    patty: i never experienced winter this cold before.. this was really freezing..

    stp: just look out for the pics tonight.. lol..

  12. I went skiing in the swiss alps when I was 6 with my parents. My dad was still a student then... and it was also very costly to skii, but he said it would be a good experience and so rent the skii eqs...somehow, I keep landing on my butt and rolled down the slope. =.= and then when we went back home, I got nasty fever and flu. *pengsan* Not a very pretty experience...especially I got sick for mths after that. T___T

  13. man oh man,i wonder when can i touch snow for the fist time,looks like i have to save hard to go holiday like you do year in and year out, must now make you my mentor already....

  14. Wow! So syok! You went skiing!
    I wonder when will I have the chance... =_=

  15. Freezing ah hahahaa...aisay..tarak bring sugar syrup else can make ABC :D

  16. cleff: we can shake hands!! but i didnt ski also sick one!

    eugene: u have saved tons already by now!! i dont have much savings.. i save, i use...i save and use.. lol..

    kathy: u wouldnt even want to drink cold stuff over there la! hahaa..

    hayley: i dint ski la.. old bones cannot one..

  17. Life is kinda complex so have to rely on the middle path. We love snow for only temporary that would be fun. Those guys in Europe are cursing and complaining about the damages caused by snow. Britain is minus 13 and not the worst yet..grrrrrrrrrrr can feel the cold to the bone. tQ for the snowy post.

  18. wow! looks like skiing is really fun!

  19. bananaz: yes, what we dont have, we tend to compare.. :)

    carina: yes, looks like fun but i m scared..

    medie: they havent melt yet..

  20. So syok! Go skiing....... White Xmas..

  21. i've never been in the snow! Great experience you have

  22. Wah you actually could still snap pictures in the snow! When I was in the ski resort last time, my fingers all too stiff liao..couldn't even hold the camera properly!!

  23. Reminds me of my visit to the ski resort in South Island, NZ. Even with the sun shining, it was still freezing cold! Looks like you all had fun. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

  24. princeprincess: the young skied.. i didnt.. my old bones might not like it..

    onlinelifestyle: i never experienced it yet..

    sweetwitch: that was why i came back sick liow!!

    happysurfer: yes, the sun was out too but it was freezing cold!

  25. I think your ski mountain looks much better and nicer than the one I went to which had the 5 Star Holiday Inn beside. Korea has so many ski resorts!

  26. beautiful place...

    not DSLR but still have a good view... nice!!


  27. twilight: i thought only this in Yongpyong?

    cath: yes, we have to made do with the sony cybershot.. :)


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