Saturday, January 8, 2011

Apartments In Penang

I am in Penang now.. anyone wants to meet me up?? hahaha... I guess no one ... it is fine... actually I am here to look for apartment for my son and his college mates. They will be "homeless" by we are more or less busy looking for apartments to rent.

Anyone wants to rent out any apartment near Bukit Jambul? Let me know.. :)


  1. If you find a nice one for them, take pictures and post it!! Inside and out.

  2. Ask Eugene...the Penang Godfather. LOL!!!

  3. InViTiNg YoU tO TrEK mY SiTe! CooL PhOtOs FrOm EvErYDaY ExPeRiEnCeS.. HaPpY NeW YeAr! CheErS! :]

  4. Jz saw ur post in the early morning of Sunday. U hv a nice trip in Pg yah! Rajin2 find lah ok.

  5. me not in Penang now wor :p


Thank you, readers!

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