Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Careless And Absent-Minded!

I officially declaired myself "Blurry mommy" ....

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, we went to Penang last Saturday to look for apartment for Andy for his next semester. We set off the journey at around 9am, Andy was the driver... While we were about to reach the toll, I received a sms saying... "hey, you left your luggage bag at home!!"


Quickly I told Andy to detour... sigh....he made a U-turn through the Jelapang highway, one big round and we made our way home to get MY LUGGAGE! Gosh!!

Is anyone here as careless as me??

hopefully no.....
Met up with the house agent, everything settled, we went to Queensbay to while away the time...

someone went into the shops... but I didn't....
then we went to Jaya Jusco...
while we were there, someone had fun here...

she was enjoying herself tremendously....

not alone but with her big brother... hehehe...

after taking these pictures, I set off to walk on my own...

and Andy captured this picture of
this small little girl who
was having a time of her life... hahaa...


  1. Old age. My missus also very forgetful... I told her one of these days, she will forget her way home!

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  3. Luckily someone at home saw the luggages before you entered the highway. Imagine if you were almost reaching Penang, would you patah balik? haha

  4. i won't forget luggage la, i just forget i got a trip to make only. hahaha...

  5. stp: hey, that one is dementia already..yo, i am also scared then...

    mingna: if reach penang already, i would have a bag of new clothings already.. haaha...

    gab: happening hor.. hahaha... how can forget a trip.. lagi serious!!

  6. LOL...ya wor...me to like Gabriel...wont forget the lugauge...but will forget about the trip :p

  7. luckily it was your luggage only and not leaving SOMEBODY behind!

  8. well, i forgot to transfer my chargers from one luggage to the other luggage and i only recalled when my bus was on its way to KLIA..too late!

  9. kathy: trip also can forget one ah? lagi teruk then.. hahahaa..

    lena: my labbie was left behind :(

    wenn: next time we better do checklist!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you back!

  11. We have left and forgotten train tickets, show tickets. I go into a room, then stand there wondering what I went in for! Did you find an apartment?? I'm thinking not yet or you would have showed us.

  12. chris: so late can cure meh?

    jessica: thanks! do keep in touch..

    ginny: hey, that is normal, i will rewind my footsteps to recall what i need! yes, we found one but i didnt take the pics.. :)

  13. omg! forgot luggage!? hopefully no more next time ahhh. hehe so nice can play play !

  14. Why you blacked out the emblem of your car lah,,,, it seems to be it is a very nice car lol,,,,,,, next time you come to penang give me a spin ok.?

    never been as absent minded as you were before,,, for me, i am kind of alert before the "go"

  15. I can be as absent minded as you, especially in a rush and in the chaos of my young kids.

  16. I rarely forget anything at home, and if I do, it will have to be extremely important before I turn back to fetch it.

    I can relate to the young girl, I love playing those games, but mostly the car racing, and if there is anything with airplanes.

    Hope your week is going well.


  17. Claire, u r not alone..LOL...U know wat, if u left ur luggage, u still have de choice whether to take it or not. If you left your passport at home while u r at airport...then is CIALAK lor!! LOL!!

  18. caroline: hopefully more careful lor!

    eugene: wah.. u so observant one! ok, lets spin to the 3.50 chicken chop next time~

    sheohyan: yours excusable.. mine all kids wor.. excusable or not? hahaha..

    colin: u can relate bec u r still young!! haha...

    ling: u left your passports at home ah?? gosh!

  19. Forgot what I wanted to say!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  20. you sure cannot beat my hub's good friend. He left his wife at home, when he come and look for us for dinner. Lucky he just staying down the road! You can imgaine the wife pissed off face standing at the front door. LOL!

  21. Oh Gosh Claire... have to start eating the walnut... people said good for brain.. ^_^

  22. haha....I think you are more anxious than forgetful.

  23. cloudia: cos the hawaiian wind blew it away!

    annie: gosh, your friend's husband was in deep trouble then.. hahaha..

    cathy: sure? walnuts? i thought gingko..

    mnhl: i think my mind was on something else.. hmmmm....

  24. Careless and absent-minded are the two most worst thing that can take away ones life. One have to be very serious with his/her life because life is not a film. It doesn't provide the option of retake.

  25. LOL, you are lucky then... just wonder what happen if you traveled overseas and realized your luggage at home!^-^

    Don't worry, I'm pretty absent minded too... sometimes I even forgot to lock my house door before I go out!>_<

  26. webdesign: yeah, next time cannot let mind wanders so much...

    alice: yeah, i cannot imagine then.. a good opportunity to shop!!

  27. hahaha....love the peace sign Andy did when he had to do the U-turn. You have great kids.

    Love your relationship with them. Wish I will be as close to my kids as you are when they grow up.

  28. Did u get a good nagging from the kids? hahaha U know, like if the kids were forgetful, they'd get an earful from mommy? :D

  29. ann: that was me with the peace sign.. i was driving home then...

    slavemom: no, they didnt dare scold me.. they should be reminding their mum.. but they didnt! :)


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