Saturday, February 5, 2011

Meeting Up Chris

During the second day, Chris and I met up, it has been almost a year since we last met, good to see him again. Unfortunately his wife and kids were not feeling well, hope they are feeling better now...

Chris And I
Chris, don't say I didn't want to take you out..
Too bad you were busy.. .not I...
Till next time then...

A cute girl.. or girls??? haaha....

A family Picture..
Ok, Chris... till we meet again..
very soon, I guess...
Thanks for "taking care" of Aaron. :)


  1. Hi maam... have a wonderful Sunday Service tomorrow..

  2. hahahhaha.. look at your feet Claire.. macho ha... ^_^

  3. maritz: thanks!!

    cath: oh dear.. very rough.. haha..

  4. Haha.... Next time. I was not well too and gotta go back on sat else u will be hiking kledang hill. Btw, I look like in my late twenties in your pics leh.....

  5. Aiyor...either you're very small or he's very big. You standing and he sitting, almost the same height. LOL!!!

  6. My only comment: How can you eat so much and stay so THIN??

  7. first blogger visit your house for cny?

  8. Claire, you like the peace sign hor... hahaha! Notice that in all your pictures : )

  9. Reading your backdate posts now and really feel the CNY atmosphere at your site.

  10. wah! What happen to your "sexy leg" on the chair. LOL!


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