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My Chap Goh Mei Funny Meal...

Today is the fifteen day of the lunar new year, the last day of CNY, to me.... it means no more giving and receiving red packets from anyone, anymore until the following Chinese New Year in 2012..... (phew!! a relief for me! lol...just kidding)

When I came back from work, I received a call from my mama asking me to come by for some "food donation." hahahaa... She didn't really cook much, just two of my favourite dish and some soup... so simple and yet so yummy!! My mum is also a Gem.. hahaha...

lets see the treasures here....

YES! My favourite Yam dish!

this is stewed duck with lots of ginger...

followed by fish ball soup..... hmmmm....

the dessert for the day-DURIANS!
these will go great with my rice definitely!

Then mama said, after the durians,
remember to eat this giant orange
and 2 bananas! LOL....


  1. Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!
    Yuen Siu Jit Fai Lok!

  2. Pam, Valentine's day? oh.. chap goh mei.. i go throw oranges into Kinta river, can or not? hahaha...

  3. durian durian durian....droooooooollllllll red packets till 2012? not even for weddings? kekeke

  4. Mama's homecooked food is the BEST! Happy Chap Goh Meh!

  5. Ewwww... The combination of an orange and two bananas.... hahaha..
    Mom's homecooked food sure tastes yummy one.. :) Happy Chap Goh Mei to you and family..

  6. kathy: u know or not, for long time liow, i dint attend invitations one... hehehe.. maybe all my friends all married.. hehahaha..

    olive: yes, memang best!

    inspiredmom: special, right? Happy CGM to u too!

  7. how I wish my mum is here during this special day. Today I just tapau food for lunch.

  8. Happy Chap Goh Meh! Wahh your mama so nice! Got durians for dessert! :)

  9. Nothing beats Mother's love . Married or not you are still her baby. Great Mom you have :)

  10. wenn: how about dinner?

    sweetwitch: mum always cook our favourite dishes..

    elin: yes, we mothers never stop loving and worrying, right?

  11. are still the apple in her eyes aye. :p

  12. so good to have mama still right... I miss my mom too.. can't wait she come down to take care of me during confinement.. ;-p

  13. Homecook food from mom, full of love! The stewed duck used to be one of the standard dish, when we all going back to my paternal grandparents house for any Chinese festive seasons.

    And OMG durian!!!! *Drooling*

  14. I tink I better lay low... ppl are hunting me for durian. I sked liao. See durian I wanna T____T*cries*

  15. Wow! The food looks good! Why durians go well with rice?

  16. Wow! She made a lot of food, and different kinds!! Did you eat there or take it home?

  17. You good lah Claire, still anak mama and anak manja. Happy chap goh meh to u.

  18. Homecook food is so always the best. Your dessert are so rich..... in vitamins.

  19. Yea...sometimes my mom does packed the same things too..LOL!! Indeed it's sweet.

  20. Hi Reana, happy Chap goh mei.
    You got one great mama there.
    One thing I have not tried is eating durians with rice.
    But love half frozen durians. Like eating ice cream.
    Have fun.
    Best regards, Lee.

  21. Oh..simple and yummy food...
    Just wondering why after eating durians must eat orange and banana? it a must or tradition to follow?

  22. HI everybody.. hope to cover everyone here..

    mery: not tradition la.. haaha.. just after heat, take something cool...

    u.lee: i was brought up that way.. durian with rice.. yummy!

    ling: then we do the same for our kids!

    yan: true..very nutritious!

    amy:yes, blessed!

    ginny: i took home in tiffin carrier..

    foong: try it one day!

    cleff: bring over to ipoh.. exclude KL.. heehe

    cheeyee: once ayear affair.. the duck i mean..

    cath: wah..u save a lot on confinement!

    tekkaus: i think orange la. hahaha..

  23. Your post is so true to the quote "we're always mummies lil girl/boy"

    The yam looks so ready to melt in the mouth. YUMZ!

  24. Mmmm...the food from yr mama sure look delicious. you are so lucky to get pampered by your mama :)

  25. no one can beat mummy's love! you eat durian with rice??

  26. YOU are so blessed! the food looks really good le... *drool*

  27. Your stewed duck looks like curry. I had the most wonderful Chap Goh Meh dinner with Melissa and my friends in KL...


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