Monday, March 7, 2011

My Sweet Indulgence!

At exactly 8.10am, my intercom rang....a familiar voice over at the end said, "wei, quick, come out to the corridor.... " Immediately I knew there would be some "goodness" awaiting for me to pick up from my CC, not chief clerk but Chief Chef, Elin. lol...

Wondering what she was going to give me this time, I quickly stopped what I was doing and dashed out from my office to our meeting point....that is the Stairway... (our meeting point!) hahaha....

So what was my blessing for this Monday morning?


not just ordinary muffins but with
but fresh strawberry plus cranberries!!

Immediately I made a hot mug of instant oats
and enjoyed my sweet indulgence... bit by bit...

how about you? what did you have this Monday morning?


  1. Elin! Elin! Where are you? I want those muffins too... Sobs!!!

  2. What a leisurely way to start your day with some heart-warming gifts. I can smell the pleasant atmosphere of your Monday morning. Congratulations! You've got rid of the Monday blues!

  3. stp: Cry all you like, no use... Elin is mine and all MINE!!! hahahhahaa.... *cunning laughter*

    Pam: I was going to say that in my post.. monday is no more blue... :)

  4. i wish i have a colleague like Elin :)

  5. shhhhh u can never keep a secret....hahaha just enjoy your muffins la see now Arthur is crying out loud ...tsk tsk you make people cry oredi :p

    @ Arthur...those muffins are for Fernnie but the Momsie stole and ate them before taking them back for her gal...tsk tsk naughty momsie !!!

  6. wow, nice muffins huh!!! what a great breakfast for a great start.. :)

  7. New Follower from the MBC Blog Hop. Come visit me sometime. Would love a follow back. Thanks!

  8. kathy: come migrate to ipoh.. haha...

    sk: yes, monday blues all gone

    tina: thanks, i will..

  9. Your newest follower here! Thank you

  10. Elin is definitely a very nice friend......shower you in the morning with muffin.....

  11. amazey: thanks!

    mery: yah, wonder what is for tomorrow.. haha.. just kidding.

  12. You are so blessed to have Elin. I am envy.

  13. Claire, I think you'll be in trouble if I stay near too! I will definitely feed you well. Probably, Elin feed you on Monday to Wednesday and I feed you on Thurs to Saturday. Sunday off day! haha....

  14. Yummy! What a great way to start your Monday.
    Hopping over from the MMBH. Have a great day.

  15. What a tasty surprise!! So nice to have a good friend who bakes a lot! Does she run a bakery? She has given you so many delectable sweets!

  16. Thanks for adding your blog to my blog hop.

  17. Those muffins would have gone great with my morning coffee!

    New follower from the Monday Blog Hop :)

  18. Yummy! What a wonderful friend Elin is. I would so love a bite of those muffins. I had oatmeal for my Monday morning!

  19. yummy n nicey! woot woot! with strawberry n cranberries too! :D

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  20. aren't you the luckiest around?

  21. Friends like these make our day! :)

  22. jeles nyer! i had roti with kaya.. :D

  23. Claire, Elin 'yeung dou nei fei fei pak pak'....

    It's a real blessing having good friend around.

  24. So good huh you always got people give you stuff. :D

  25. u r truly blessed. The muffins look so nice!

  26. WAHH I'm so jealous! Give me one muffin please!! :)

  27. sheohyan: yes, i m thankful!!

    kristy:that time, my stomach will be the happiest!! hahaa...

    robin: thanks!!

    wenn: she loves cooking, i love eating!

    ginny: yeah she is the one..

  28. shannon: thanks to u too

    wickedwicker: ok thanks!

    caroline: she is creative one!

    medie: come over to ipoh!

    tekkaus: stuff is makan!

    irene: blessed! hahaa..

    gratitude: u r very right!

    yeeling: fei fei, yes, pak pak no.. hahah..

    mnhl: bestest!

    merryn: oooh, i love roti kaya!

    sweetwitch: what's yr address? hehe..

    foong: come ipoh!

    angeline: they are bestest!

  29. Those muffins look yummy! New follower from the Monday madness blog hop. hope you'll follow me back.


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