Friday, March 4, 2011

What Happened To Barney?

I love you, You Love me, we are happy family.... oh wait.. this is supposed to be a Barney's song but what happened to Our Barney?

In the year 2003, we have a baby rabbit called Barney
and it grew up to be cute like this...
I remember feeding him carrots most of the time..

A really cute little Barney...
but I cannot recall what happened to it...
Did we give it away?
I must ask my kids.... I really cannot remember...

I remember he shitted a lot ....
but easy to take care,
cos the shit were hard and smaller than marbles
So.. what happened to Barney, Kids??


  1. it turned purple and become a dinosaur :p

  2. i had two rabbits many years ago..they never stopped eating!

  3. hahahha.. you didn't know??? Oh gosh hihihihi...

  4. barney..barney..where r u??

  5. Please dun tell me Labby ate it! T____T

  6. don't ask LOL!

    Aloha from Waikiki

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  7. Maybe he died and you blotted it out of your memory, because it is a bad memory. He is really, really cute!!

  8. OMG! that's a cute rabbit there...haha!! I never had the chance to have any pets before in my life but if I'm correct, the lifespan of a rabbit should be around 9 to 12 years if kept indoor. So, what happen to this cute lil thing?

  9. oh another cute bunny here!! lol how come dnt remember one?? :p

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  10. Awww the rabbit is so good! But kinda tedious to clean up their waste....

  11. Wanted to keep one as this year coincides with the Rabbit year,

    Actually what exactly happened to Barney? Let us know ya!

  12. You ate it!!! Bad bad Claire! LOL!!!

  13. Perhaps you should try asking your dog, he might be able to tell you Barney's whereabouts... Hehe

  14. wenn: yes, they dont stop eating... and shitting.. hahaa..

    cath: must ask my kids...

    luciana: it has been 8 years?

    cleff: hey, that was 2003 la..

    cloudia: yeah, mystery..

    ginny: no, it didnt die, for all i know...

    kiasu: must ask my sons..

    kianhin: someone kidnapped it.. i guess..

    carol: i wonder why it was given away..

    cindy: given away la.. my guess..

    hayley: they input and output a lot..

    jessie: not confirmed but i think someone took it..

    stp: ooopppss... rabbit pie, u mean? ask elin.. hehehe...

    pam: labbie born in 2008 la. hahah...

  15. So cute......the Barney....maybe it already become the real purple Barney.

  16. I think you guys have made it satay. :p

  17. mery: yeah, another new barney series in Malaysia...

    tekkaus: awww... not rabbit pie meh.. :)

    no la, the truth is, Barney was given away bec I could not handle all the eating and shitting then.. it has grown up then when it left us... so sad...

  18. Barney ran off and got his own tv show.
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