Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yesterday When We We Young...

My Andy just asked me,
"hey, who is that fatty?" hahhahaa....

Really.... if we have the opportunity, do take more pictures of our kids at every stage, every year will be perfect and then when they are older, they will treasure those pictures very much. We cannot turn back time, it is always forward going.... but looking at the pictures bring laughter and joy just by looking at them...

Wonder how they look in another 10 years time...


  1. Poor boy. Kesian...but at least he looks good now - tall, slim and handsome.

  2. another ten years will look manly..'lam yan mei!'

  3. stp: did i read wrongly, poor boy? heheee..

    lena: wah.. they will be thrilled..

  4. LOL.....why suddenly dig out the old photos ?

  5. sigh... u do like that... very depressing one leh...

  6. kathy: from the cd which i kept for 6 years without opening...

    wenn: kids are always cute hor..

    medie: who, u or me or him? :)

  7. Walking down memory lane of late? seriously thank you for taking us along, i personally love to see,savour or even feel anything that is old or back in time,and these photos of yours surely a nice nice one.

    i agree with you,they change fast, don'they,one day i will do exactly what you do now,,hahahah. by then can i take you down with me on my memory lane in my blog,,hahahahahh?

    have a great remaining sunday and god bless

  8. Nice pics for sharing..Handsome boys.

  9. I think they will look almost the same already lar. Well...more wrinkles...and white hair lor. :p

  10. Thanks for reminding me to take more picture of the kids. I will do that.

  11. exactly. time will go forward and not backward. As we grow, our face will changed. Must take pictures of ourselves too....hahaha....


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