Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Being Older Is A Compliment

Last night after dinner, my girl and I went for our grocery walk in Jaya Jusco... at the supermarket while choosing some tomatoes, a familiar face was seen at the same place. It took me a few seconds to recall her name.... and when I did, I called her, "hey, Mary!" She looked up and a big smile was flashed....

After some exchange of greetings, the usual topic will be on kids... how many you have, how old, where are they now... so on and so forth... then only she realized one young girl standing beside me and then ....

She asked : Your daughter? How old is she?
I said : You guess la....
She said : Twenty?
I exclaimed and laughed... wahhhh... she looked so big meh?? She is only seventeen la...
She was startled for a moment and then she started to apologise profusely....
"AIYOH.. don't need to apologise one.. " I said..

All this while, my girl was grinning from ear to ear......
She doesn't like others to comment that she looks like a small girl...
And she loves it if anyone, if only someone were to say she looks older than her age...

To her, being older is a compliment!


  1. I was like that.

    When I was 18, I wish I was 21.. then I reached 21, I wished I was 25, where I thought everything would be perfect at 25...

    After I reached 25, and realized its not so perfect after all, every year after that I'm wishing that time would go slower. Time really flies. :)

  2. haha, I guess the kids nowadays just wanted to grow up fast... for some reason I don't know why.

    for me, just enjoy whatever age you are now coz it will only last a year and nothing will be the same after that :D

  3. When they're young, they can't wait to be older...and when they're old, they wish they could be younger...

  4. I second situapui's wish! huhu

  5. Guess she'll change this mindset when she is older.. hehe =)

  6. isaac: i can recall.. yeah, when i was teenager, i wish i was 20s so that i can stay out late.. now i m older, no one asked me to stay out late!

    daniel: yeah..humans.. we cannot be contented.. hehee..

    stp: sigh.. just give me 10 years younger and i m very thankful! hahaha..

    gratitude: I third STP...

    hayley: just wait and see.. hehehe...

  7. Haaha she loves it when someone says she look older? Maybe because older is equivalent with maturity.

    Cheh, just wait her to turn 30 then see what she say if people call her older ;D haha jk.

  8. well at her age she is not a small girl but a young girl.

  9. I want every year pun 18 wo, can ahhh?????????????

  10. your girl is still in her sweet seventeenth. wait till she grow older like me, and she will wish to look younger then.. but, we all age.. no big deal.. most important is to cherish our lives today, despite of how young or old we are ;)

  11. hehehe... it is good if someone feel that you are younger.

    e.g. u can get student price :O)

    i think it is good to be young rather than old

  12. old or young also never mind as long as your girl has a cheerful heart!

  13. we are often not content with what we have. when i was young, i grew a moustache & kept long hair to look matured, now i'm clean-shaven & keep short hair to

  14. Yes, but once she gets out of her twenties, that will change!! Ha ha!

  15. You know something, Claire... these days, when I go gai gai with my anak... some people will ask me if my son is my little brother. I get you... it really makes our day.

  16. Interesting encounter...haha. Your girl took it well. Hope no one tells me that I look older than my age :P Take care and hope you have a wonderful day everyday.

  17. Hahahah, now Ferny can say that being older is a compliment, wait wait,, time will come when she will say otherwise,,

    life is indeed funy, isn't it, when we are young, we can't wait to get older,,,,

    i remember when i was like in my early 20s, i hate my boyish look, i was in the sales, people always looked at me like green horns,,,, i could not wait to get older back then,, and now i try so hard to stay youthful again,,, hahahahha

  18. i'm forth stp..wakakaka...

    in fact..most of the ppls compliment my mom that she and me more like sisters than like daughter...and u know mom smiling..'can see teeth cannot see eyes'..if u know what i mean..haha

  19. Your girl can't wait to spread her wings and fly. haha......

    When I was your girl's age, I also wish to be older. Now, how i wish I'm back to the teenager's age.

  20. I think we were all the same when we were young. I wonder at what age we will want it to be the opposite.

  21. I'm just the opposite..muahahahahahah. so claire, you know what to say next time if we ever meet ;)

  22. hahahhahahha..i am forth STP.

    Now i wish people said i look A LOT younger than my age! *greedy*

  23. It will be the other way round when she passed 30.. hehehehe. Wish she was younger and people say she's 22 hehehehehe

  24. hahaha, maybe when she is over 30 years old later, she will not like people to think she is much older.. :D

  25. Trust me, that will only last for maximum 6 more years. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!


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