Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cheap And Tempting Desire

After some hot sunny days, I was "salivating" for some cold and "tempting" desserts to quench and satisfy my soul... I do not want to go to those franchise outlets, to me, they are rather expensive and as you know, I am always frugal...ahem... so instead I opt for some natural air, sitting by the road side and enjoy looking at people and inhaling the air pollution.... hahhaaa...
seeing is believing....
we sat by the road side just less than 2 meters away
from the vehicles passing by the stalls...
aren't we "healthy?"
Ok, we don't do this often, just when the "urge"
of having a cold desserts arises in us... or in me..
isn't this glorious desserts?
only this place serves like this with a price of RM3-4..
it is only $1.50usd the most!
this can be found at the "wai sik kai" in Ipoh...
just opposite the Sam Tet Primary school,
along the Jalan Sultan Idris Shah,
formerly known as Brewster Road)
Want a bowl now??
I certainly do!


  1. I'm drooling over the dessert too! Weather is terribly hot here!

  2. hayley: yes, today is very hot.. too!

    pam: wanna go? :)

  3. Wow! That's cheap! In KL, you can sell the same bowl for RM10 : )

  4. I am drooling man! Only RM3-4 per bowl? I want.. I want!! :)

  5. Can send that to me or not? i just came back from a swim and this is like super hot now,,,,,

    Judging from the pictures, i think those cool cool stuffs surely look very nice, kan?

    Hey, have a wonderful monday tomorrow ya

  6. foong: cheap and nice..

    wenn: u know where, right?

    inspiredmum: provided they didnt increase price ..

    eugene: in that Red world, i think they have, right?

  7. yummy for sure and price seems good for this.

  8. Oooo...I want! But cold here! Storm this afternoon...nice! I like cold weather! :D

  9. nava: yeah, cheap and nice...

    stp: me too.. but it is blazing hot here in IPoh..

  10. Nice desserts! Long time have not taken the toad eggs haha..oops what do you call those 'eggs' far too long have even forgotten its name. tQ

  11. You are right. For such a generous portion...RM3 and 4 is considered dead cheap. :D

  12. Near to Sam Tet School? I used to have lots of Uni friends from that school.

    Oh, roadside stalls? Penang has loads of those, and the weird thing is, the dirtier a stall is, the more people it attracts. Lol!

    My eXperiences -

  13. Very colorfil, almost like a painting. But what is it?? All I recognize are the nuts.

  14. good...get rid of the durian heatiness

  15. yummy...gonna try it when in Ipoh..but mana tempat ar? haha

  16. Ehemmm..thank goodness i just satisfied my craving last weekend..ahahahhah

  17. that looks superlicious. only USD1 abowl is all worth it. Can tapau another bowl home!

  18. Mmm...I could do with a bowl of this yummy now.

  19. that is indeed very worth for money, and the standard is even better than those franchise dessert shop.. given this at RM4, i guess you can only get this at at least RM10 in those franchise..

  20. Yes I want a bowl please! Can courier?? :P

  21. Claire, Claire, you are tempting me. How cum my parents did not tell about this when I was back during CNY?

    Guess that are not so food adventurous like you..ha ha

  22. although i have no idea what's into this dessert, it sure looks refreshing. too hot in here, today, too:)

  23. bananaz: i also dont know la.. what it is called..

    tekkaus: yes, the price is very reasonable..

    isaac: yes, u r very right.. got rats also people lke to go..

    ginny: they are fruits, all local fruits..

    kathy: hey, today i just took!! hehe...

    angelin: when u come, contact me, hahaha.. u know my email, right?

    yeeling: phew.. u r safe..

    agnes: yes, road side stalls are cheap..

    barb: me too!!

    sk: maybe consider opening one in KL.. hehee..

    sweetwitch: come over lar!!

    jessie: u see the place, maybe not so tempting..

    imriz: today is hot too!

  24. YUMMY !! If you were here will introduce Snowflakes or Japanese ice desert to you.

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday. :)

  25. I never try this before... look great for me.

    i hope next time, i pass the perak i can try this too.

  26. Y-U-M-M-Y!! Good to have one on a hot hot day!

  27. Hi! I'm here on a hop and am following you. Come follow me too?

  28. That does look delicious. I had something like that when I was in Mexico and it was awesome!!

    Hope you're having a fantastic week.


    If you'd like to follow me back, you can find me at

  29. Ooooh, yummy! I found you on Aquarian's Spring Blog hop! I will indeed follow!
    Looks like chia seeds to me , they will keep you full for hours.
    And maybe melon balls and mango?
    I love healthy yummy good for you food like this!
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