Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thai Cuisine In Bercham

It has been quite a long while since I last ate Thai food... to my delight, my sister invited us to a Thai cuisine in a coffeeshop... hehehee... I love Thai food tremendously, their food and their way of cooking suits my taste buds very well... LOL....

This shop that my sister recommended is in Bercham, I have never been there before and now that I have been, it will not be my last.. I will surely go there once again, just wait for my sons to come back, I am sure they will drool over these dishes.....

their tom yam soup has lots of ingredients inside..
prawns and squids were generously put in...
the soup was just nice, not too sourish nor spicy!

the chef recommended eggs with clams and kam heong leaves
Clams is Lala and the leaves blended so well with the eggs..

we wanted some vegetables..
diced french beans with some minced meat
plus some curry leaves...

Elin, your favourite dish...
lots of onions, cilipadi and cashew nuts!

and this is a MUST among kids..
pandan chicken pieces...

just look at my nephew!! he was so so happy.. hahaha..
Price? It cost RM83 ($28usd) for 6 of us..

I asked the boss for his business card..
He said no have wor... hahaha...
Ok, actually very easy to find, if you know Fairmart in Bercham
this shop is just along the same row and it is at the corner...
Coming from Ipoh Garden East to Bercham..
you can easily find the shop facing you...
Soon Hoong is the name!


  1. Oh... you went to my favourite eating place in Bercham.

  2. You must take me there to eat...hahaha love that kerabu chicken feet:)

  3. pam: hey, serious? what else is good there?

    elin: i told u so.. hehee

  4. i would love the pandan chicken too!

  5. That's very cheap wor! Hey, a few nites ago, I dreamed of having lunch with you :D

  6. tom yum is my favourite! i think the price is very reasonable, i think i know that shop though i've never been there since you mentioned same row as faimart, must be that one..

  7. Thai food is one of my favourite~ I like the tom yam and pandan chicken!

  8. shoot! am drooling jor. I loev the kerabu one leh

  9. wenn: me not piece enough!

    shireen: hey, make that a reality! so what did we had for lunch in yoru dream? :)

    lena: i dint know till that day only..

    hayley: i like kerabu!

    kathy: next time u come overnight, i take u there!

  10. Must have for me too....pandan chicken. Damn! :D

  11. lovely food, must been a joy tasting.

  12. tekkaus: come to ipoh, i belanja u...

    nava: yes,it certainly is..

  13. Thai cuisine in a coffeeshop! Very cool. The thai food in KL mostly in those expensive restaurants. I'm not sure if able to find any for that price range.

    Sometimes I just want the food quality, at a lower cost.

  14. Looks like a table full of good food to share with family and friends.

  15. The eggs and clams look like they would be my favorite. Such a lot of good variety! You must take your sons there as soon as they visit!! Have you ever eaten duck eggs? Is that a commonn thing there? I just saw some in the store the other day, very rare to find here, but I wonder do you fix them just like regular eggs and do they taste different??

  16. loads sources of protein in that bowl of tom yam! yum!

    Have a nice day! =)

    My recent post:
    135yo Puri Hotel, Malacca

  17. Food looks ok...but no chicken feet for me, please and not so crazy over Tom Yam either. Have not had pandan chicken for sometime now... Yum!

  18. I think the price is ok but the look of food may be can belie the taste, look not so inviting lah,,,, but anyway asalkan ada Tom Yam, pedas pedas, sudah cukup lah....

  19. I rate my favourites, 1st Thai food, 2nd Japanese food, and 3rd Vietnamese food.

  20. Thai food is my favourite, beside Japanese food. You successfully tempted me with the photos..... Spicy and sour, yummy~

  21. I love pandan chicken!! now craving for it dy. :(

  22. Hey, I am a Thai food lover too! I especially love the chicken feet kerabu and tom yam koong..

  23. Arghhh...i want the pandan chicken so badly.

  24. When saw you title Thai..aTOMic yam sure popped up. Like pandan chicken too. Haha chicken feed kerabu style, just commented in STP's blog about fengzhao haha. tQ

  25. Oh yes, pandan chicken is a must!! Haha I sound like a kid! :P

  26. i love thai food, they all look yummy

  27. WALAO.....makes me itchy to go find the ayam pandan!!!

  28. I love sea foods but not in excess quantity. The served foods looked to be tasty enough and I loved to see the one packed and fried in banana leaf (as it appeared to me). I love this unique taste.


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