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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Castle Weddings

In my recent post on the wedding of Prince William and Duchess Kate, it reminded me of the earlier wedding taken place place in Birmingham Palace, that is the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I was in my twenties then, I remember rushing home from work and sat glued to the television, watching it live as I watched the recent Royal Wedding. I really felt a pang of sadness watching Prince William's wedding, it would have been so wonderful if Lady Diana was present. Anyway, the Royal Wedding was beautiful... maybe if they opt for a castle wedding, it would be have been more classical, the wedding would be like a fairytale!

Having a wedding held in a castle sounds like a perfect fairytale like in Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or The Seven Dwarfs, right? Anyone has dream of getting married in an English castle, say Rowton Castle in Shrewsbury, Shrophire? From what I read in their website, it states that a perfect castle weddings setting coupled with excellent food and service, it will guarantee that the wedding couple and their guests will have this day to remember for the rest of their lives. It will be the most memorable wedding day one has ever attend, their awesome sights of their gardens and lakes will provide wonderful photographic scenery....

And then..... after the wedding, comes the honeymoon! Where would you like to go? Do you want somewhere quiet, serene where both of you can have the best romantic time together? Oh, dear, I sound like a wedding planner... no, I am not, actually I just came across this website where they provide Cottages in Northumberland to couples or families who want to have a great getaway from the city life. They offer a wide selection of cottages, reasonable prices for a weekly rate. You can have a 2 bedroom or 7 bedrooms, depending on how big your family is, the details are all there for you to check them out.

Take for instance Berwick-upon-Tweed holiday cottage. It has three bedrooms that can sleep six people. Beautiful sitting room with a lovely bright light where it is just perfect for a relaxing evening after a hard day's sightseeing. An airy dining kitchen for you to cook a simple dinner or a romantic meal overlooking the beautiful lawn.. oh, just look at the bedrooms too!  Katie from said "Castle wedding would definitely be one of my top choices, preferably arundel! Secretly think its from all that Disney exposure."

 Well, I do not need to say more... just find out for yourself in their website!

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