Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Three "Bullets"

I am on medical leave today... the durians had finally taken their toil in my stomach... oh, why am I blaming the durians?? :) I really don't know, when the doctor-in-charge asked me what I have eaten that caused the stomach cramps, the first thing that came to my mind was Durians! But now thinking back, the durians are "innocent".... I wrongly accused them ... perjury...

Anyway, the doc gave me only a day leave, I could not request for two, government hospitals don't do-what-you-request, not like private clinics...heheehe...

I gladly accept the one day leave, as long as the pain goes away and I don't have to run to the toilet, I feel relieve already... oh, not forgetting the three "bullets" which I have to poke into my "sh#thole" ... u going to toilet too many times... er.. if you know what I mean...

The three bullets... one per night...
For a ringgit, I get all these free plus One Off Day...
Who says the government hospital is no good? :)


  1. that day Doctor also gv me bullet but i tarak use hahaha

  2. Bullets... hihihihi... get ready your gloves Claire... hihihi..

    get well soon.. :D

  3. kathy: i asked for it.. so i better use..

    cath: must use gloves? no need la.. hahaa..

  4. Clair: Sometimes the cure is worse then the illness. Hang in there my friend.

  5. Getting back to health
    is easy enough...
    It's getting back to work
    that's tough.

    Get Well Soon

  6. Durian? Sure it wasn't your cooking? Muahahahaha!!! Just joking, ya! Jangan marah, nanti cepat tua. Must be withdrawal symptom - missing the son... Get well soon, take care now...

  7. Hope you're feeling better now!!

  8. hope u getting better now! :) me no like those bullets. :p

  9. tom: thanks@

    lina: yes, i will..

    Pam : 100% agreeing!!

    stp: oh dear, do u have to remind me.. !!! hehehehehee...

    hayley: yes, tomorrow go work work..

    carol: like never mind.. dont use..

  10. looking at the black tablets and ORS, something must not be good with ur tummy.

    Get well soon, Claire

  11. Claire, sure lose weight like that. After recover, can wallop again, so envy.

  12. ouch... need to poke tru sh#thole >.< i super dun like the whole process.. how r u feeling today? hope you recover soon...


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