Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have not been subscribing newspaper for a few years now... in fact, I seldom read them unless it is really HOT news that is on everyone's mouth and to kill my curiousity, I will go online to read them. Other than that, not so bothered..... till this afternoon....

My colleague was telling me about RUBBISH PORK and reminding me/us not to take dim sum so much. Remember the documentary show in NTV 7 recently? It was on some journalists going undercover to "expose" some illegal pork sellers... selling dirt cheap pork, mainly from dead pigs to make chinese sausages (lap cheong) or barbequed pork (bah kwa)

Actually I didn't follow much of the documentary... I only heard more about it few days later... Hot topic about pork being called RUBBISH.

Today we mentioned about it again during lunch time, thought of going for dim sum tomorrow... but in the Sun paper today, a VIP advised us not to take dim sum, lap cheong, (chinese sausage) bah kwa(dried barbecue pork) till they have settled this PORK RUBBISH issue....

But long can we refrain from eating pork? I love to eat dim sum... been eating them three times last week... LOL....

OK, I better stop taking temporary, I mean....


  1. No problems for me... lol... I dun take pork. It duzzin tickle me fancy. Hahaha... halal only food oso is fine to me... cuz I'm squeamish towards frogs and whatnot too.

  2. How can the sellers be so heartless by selling us, consumers, stuffs like that?

  3. I've asked my students before - parents pig and chicken rearers... If they saw the animal macam sakit, would they kill it and burn it or bury it or would they slaughter and sell the meat in the market? They said they would do the latter...and I told them that was why we had all these sicknesses - bird flu, swine flu...simply because some selfish greedy people wanted to make more money.

  4. I'm planning a take my parents to Ming Court this Saturday... So, shall I postpone my visit? :(

  5. well there is no healthy meat in the market any more. most of them got inject some kind of "grow faster" injection towards the animal to burst hormon and grow faster lol . . . take more vege lo, less meat.

  6. This happens everywhere, even in the US. Pork is pork. As a matter of fact, there was an episode on Anthony Bourdain's food travels which showed him enjoying a pork wrap to which the ingredients were made from the leftovers by the butchers.

    The point is , how safe is our food? Vegies are not safe too if they are doused with herbisides and insecticides. I tend not to buy any vegies imported from China coz we know how dubious their practices are.

    Neways, I'm trying to cut down on meat cunsumption till it reaches zero.

  7. Hi Reana, Holy Smoke! That is happening?
    Then how? Isn't the government doing something about it?
    People can get health problems this way.
    Here we avoid buying certain foodstuffs from China as we have friends in China who informed us to beware of certain exported foods.

    Dim Sum? I have not eaten that long time. reason being old days working with contractors used to eat that and bak kut teh almost everyday.....
    And today I just never have the urge to eat them.
    You keep well, have a nice day.

  8. errr...change to chicken dim sum?

  9. I didnt know there's such thing as RUBBISH PORK!!! FTW! This is madness!!!

    Haha I'm not picky when it comes to food... almost anything goes... no pork no problem also :D

  10. cleff: chicken all the time also .. urgh.. sigh.. picky hor?

    miki: well.....

    stp: guess this is called greediness? sigh...

    pam: eat those without pork.. :p anyway, i dont know whether it happens in ipoh or not..

    kianfai: unless we rear our own chicks and grow our own vege.. impossible for me though..

    gratitude: i guess we got to close one eye and just eat.. then sleep!

    u.lee: that is what the govt is saying.. refrain from eating those first..

    kathy: chicken also same ma..

    daniel: well, it is in the papers today... .

  11. Oh yes! Saw the documentary! Makes me don't feel like eating pork any more!!

  12. I have two sharp, pointy teeth in front called canines, and I'm going to use them!

    Nice to meet you on voiceboks!

  13. Mmmm, have to become full time vegan liao!

  14. I really can't stop myself from taking.. hehe

  15. Unless it's making people sick, I doubt I would quit eating it. As long as it's cooked good and done.

  16. Ok what is this about pork, because my friends, family and I also eat (I used to) a lot of pork - I'm following!

    Found you on social Moms!

    Dallas Single Mom Examiner!

  17. Very scary ho? Nowadays alot of 'black heart' food, anything can be dangerous now!

  18. I hardly take pork so not much worries.

  19. I prefer pork to chicken. Now with the rubbish pork issue, I cham lor. I don't fancy dim sum, but bak kwa, chamX2 lor...

  20. ya.. now it's circulating around the press and also FB.. but the issue is, is this another round of "JE" where the 'someone' play plank on us? Why only Pork kena? why not the other kind of meat?


  21. Hi reanaclaire, dropping by today to read some of your post. Have a lovely day! :)

  22. gila babi la..LOL.

  23. Die.. I eat dim sum EVERY WEEK wor.. sei lor.. a lot of RUBBISH inside me liao...wahhhaahahha

  24. Time to have more vegetables and fish!! But I miss BBQ pork :p

  25. I like dim sum too... now not sure should i go for Dim Sum?

  26. this reminds me of something that my ex-schoolmate told me when we were still in school. her family in their kampung in johor run a pig farm. she said when cny is nearing, the bak kwa sellers will come to the pig farms and ask for sick pigs cos cheaper. when sick pigs supplies is low, they even went and dig in the pig graveyard for pigs which were dead for a few days already!!!


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