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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sweet Flesh

Though it is just me and my girl, it is quite easy to cook a meal to satisfy our hunger during dinner. She does not like chicken so I always have to look for something called Fish. Our meal is quite simple at times.. just 2 dishes... something like these below....

I bought a big fish and cut into two parts....
one part for one meal as in this picture above..
the fish head with lots of ingredients as toppings..
red onions, garlic, wolfberries, red dates...
with plum sauce, a bit of sugar and salt....

after steaming for 10 minutes or so.....
it is ready to be "attacked"

sweet flesh dipped with sweetened sauce...

a big bowl of spinach soup...
and a small bowl of rice,
this is OUR DINNER....


  1. Yummy healthy home cook! Best ^^

  2. like steam chick wor....i just wallopped 15 biji of gigantic sui kow. STP punya pasal LOL. Gng to post next week

  3. Aiyoyoyo, Claire, the fish like mati tidak aman. The eyes like terjojol keluar. Scary! I sure get nightmare tonite.

  4. a healthy and yet tasty meal for both of you! good job. :)

  5. Nothing like really fresh fish- really sweet... Yum! Oh? Who's that scolding me? No wonder I bit my tongue... LOL!!!

  6. Its been so long since I eat fish... steam fish by mommy!!! omigosh i so wanna fly back to Sabah for dinner!!!!

  7. I would love to have that fish XD

  8. hayley: limited dishes i know..

    kathy: 15???? must be very delicious! hahaha..

    cleff: when eyes come out means it is cooked liow..

    stp: thanks to u, she ate 15!! hahaa...

    daniel: air asia will be pleased!

    isaac: hinting? :p

  9. this fish looks good to me, you ought to cook more :)

  10. The fish looks so good to eat...yum..yum..

  11. Good lor ... Eat healthily at home & save money!

  12. @Claire, Kat must be kebuluran la, to wallop so much fried water dog~! LOL~ Aiyerr... eyes popped out liddat means the fish is cooked? SCARY!

    @Cikgu... u punya pasal, that day put sui kow in ur blog, now Kat gila make that. And who will be victim when she post it up on her blog? Aku jugak. SOBS!

    @Kat... so ganas hor?

  13. cheaper to cook fish at home..yummy!

  14. new recipe to me wor... i never seen any fish being steamed with red dates, wolfberries and plum sauce before. must try one day :-)


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