Friday, June 17, 2011

Chirpy Chirpy Cheap Cheap!!

Feeling kind of tired after work this evening and secondly, I forgot to take out the fish from the freezer this morning... thus.. it was a good excuse to eat out, yes?

After taking my girl from tuition, it was around 6.30pm.. just nice for dinner and I suggested Sun Mar Poh in Ipoh Garden East.. my girl agreed readily cos she always looking forward to eating her Nestum Chicken....

But as for me.. I pondered and pondered..
what to order ahh.....

finally I settled for sambal sotong..

my girl's favourite Nestum Chicken...

and balanced with a plate of vegetables..
(yau mak chau foo yee)

Dinner for Two...
And the price???
You wouldn't believe it...
The whole meal cost only RM15.80!!
D..... Cheap, Right?? :)


  1. quite cheap!!~~
    Ipoh food still the best^^

  2. eh, didnt know that they have another outlet in ipoh gdn east? i must try their chicken nestum one day.

  3. xjion89: in certain shops...

    lena: that is a different one.. though same name..

  4. From the photo, you looked very attractive that day. I bet you were given a discount because Sun Mah Poh has never been so cheap before... :)

  5. Wow, really cheap lo!
    I like nestum chicken, nestum prawns too!

  6. that's definitely cheap and yummy too.

  7. Wow - looks great! I don't know if it sis cheap or not, but I know it is great for mom to get out and not have to cook sometimes!

  8. pam: my bored look is attractive ah? but u made my day.. hahaha..

    hayley: memang cheap! i was also startled..

    wenn: yeah, cheap plus stomach full too..

  9. one day i go visit u, u bawak me go there eat okay :D

  10. RM15.80! Woot, and I think i will really enjoy the nestle chicken..

  11. Wah so murah!! I wanna move to Ipoh! Here in KL, my milk shake already RM12.00 and total makan will be RM28.00.

  12. Wahhhh... so cheap. Can belanja me when I go Ipoh?

  13. Glad you two got to eat out, and at a good price. But I must say that first dish looks like worms! What is it?

  14. Wah! So cheap! Eat like this,tak lama...kaya lah! LOL!!!

  15. Clair: Now there are some dishes that I know nothing about. How much would that be in Dollars?

  16. Very cheap and good dinner. Have a nice weekend, Claire.

  17. iya wor..why so cheap kat kl mana boleh..

  18. merryn: wah..u want cheap stuff only ah?

    isaac: it is not bad!

    twilight: that is why KL salaries are much higher...

    cleff: hahahaa.. anytime!

    ginny: hehhee.. worms indeed.. lol..

    stp: if ching chai makan, can la.. for fussy eaters, cannot la...

    tom: in dollars will be 5usd!

    yan: same to u too!!

    luciana: cos in small portions..

  19. wah. that's really cheap lo...

  20. medie: simple food ...

    irene: yeah.. weekends are always crowded...

  21. Wow this is really cheap! Here in KL, even if I just go morning market to buy the uncooked one will cost me more than that.

  22. sotong and chicken only RM15+, cheap cheap cheap!!!


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