Monday, June 13, 2011

Delicious At Straits Quay, Penang

After a short walk around the shopping complex and admiring the yachts, it was time to "heal" our stomach's hunger... We saw quite a crowd inside Delicious cafe, well, if the crowd is there, the food must be good, eh?

Upon entering into Delicious, we were "greeted" by some varieties of desserts and cakes... hesitating for a moment there to look at them and grabbed some choices in mind when we finished dinner.... wanted to take some pictures but a bit "shy" la....

Opened by E & O?

the ambiance was quite nice..

nice and comfortable...

A smile before dinner....

then started off with a mushroom soup with garlic bread..

followed by half a chicken..baked...
there's a name for this..
too bad I didn't get to memorize it or write it down.. hahaa...
That was for Andy... he really enjoyed this dish very much!

Fernie ordered spaghetti as usual...
with some cheese toppings...

and this is MINE!!
Pan seared salmon..

followed by a dessert...
Carrot cheese cake...
Initially we wanted to order one more dessert
but our stomach just couldn't take in anymore.....
Our bill came to RM143.00...
Expensive or not.. let's not calculate..
Money is meant to be spent... right?
(self consolation..... otherwise heartbroken... hahahaa....)


  1. wenn said...

    I would definitely love that carrot cheese cake!

    June 13, 2011 9:49 PM
    Blogger Tarts and Pies said...

    You're right. Money is meant to be spent. The important thing is you all enjoy the feeling of togetherness at the most classy dining place.

    June 13, 2011 9:49 PM
    Blogger reanaclaire said...

    wenn: yes yes.. anything dessert, i m in!

    pam: agree to that.. eat anywhere is fine as long as happy and together.. but once awhile treat ourselves... :)

    June 13, 2011 10:07 PM
    Blogger zmah said...

    Try di Gelas Besar food Court,berhampiran Pekan Permatang Pauh dan berdekatan UiTM serta di hadapan Caltex...Best kat sana!

    June 13, 2011 11:47 PM
    Blogger KianHinish said...

    Gosh! The food look nice...RM143 is worth it I guess since the place is comfortable right? :)
    Once in a while, it's important to rewards our stomach with good food...haha!!
    Btw, what camera u using to take these photos??

    June 13, 2011 11:59 PM
    Anonymous MaryMoh said...

    Love the atmosphere and the name of the shop too. The food all looks very delicious. What....eating half a chicken! Must be very hungry..haha. RM143? It does sound expensive to me in Malaysia. But if it all tastes very delicious, then it's worth it. But I think I still prefer hawker food...mmmm.

    June 14, 2011 12:48 AM
    Blogger Ginny said...

    This is some of the best looking food you have posted ever! Wish I had been there!

    June 14, 2011 3:37 AM
    Anonymous suituapui said...

    Must be expensive...but young people like this type if cuisine. Got class some more. I'm like MaryMoh- also prefer hawker food.

    P.S. Poor Aaron... Left out again. Come, Aaron...come to Sibu. I take you out for something like this or even better. Hehehehehe!!!!

    June 14, 2011 6:16 AM

  2. I went to the at One Utama, KL and I love their ambience! I especially love the sofa seatings, very syok! =)

  3. Nice ambiance, nice food, come with a nice pricey bill, to indulge ourselves once in while bah kan??

  4. Once a while a big treat to urself is good u know! Who cares about money while a happy family enjoying great food here!

  5. i went to their outlet in Midvalley sometime ago. The chocolate brownie is so yummy!

  6. i'd be heartbroken with the bill amount :P

  7. All the food looks extreamely delicious like the name of the Shop. I love the carrot cake so much.

  8. Claire...i love ur self consolation statement...ahahhaha.

  9. The name *Delicious* ~ true to label.

  10. Yum yum! I'm drooling over the mushroom soup. :)

  11. Expensive! Lol!... dun.. dun... dun heartbroken :P

    I want the carrot cheese cake :D

  12. seems like most of the dishes came with 'green' toppings. very environmental...:)

    Yes, quite expensive but no need to heartbreak, try mah. Good or no good, 'one time go', at least you've been there before.

  13. Wow.. I didn't know Delicious has opened in Penang! I love their food too... the restaurant in Midvalley always has a long queue..

  14. Delicious has outlets in KL. Nice food, nice desserts.... Probably expensive, dunno - did not pay. My ex-students working in KL took me there and gave me a treat. Hehehehehehe!!!

  15. SORRY for the above 9 comments, I copied them in one message box bec of some error in my published post.

    stp & Mary: I agree with you.. there are many nice eateries everywhere.. one has to go and try whenever possible.. hahaa.. hawker food I also like but at times we eat differently for a change..

  16. i love all your food choices... all look so yummy! i've never been to delicious before... maybe will try one day :-).

  17. Eeee... that mushroom soup. I have been trying to imitate that sort of mushroom soup at home, but everytime oso failed. Tak jadi. :( Guess I have no talent for cooking and shud hang up my kuali liao lo.

  18. you shy to take pictures?? i dont believe you!!

  19. Expensive o. But never mind lar. As long the food is delicious can already o. :)

  20. tekkaus: yes lo.. want to try.. first time ma...

    lena: hahaha... desserts counter wor.. shy la...

    cleff: practice makes perfect ma.. try again!

    boeyjoey: try one day and see nice or not..

  21. There is one outlet in Strait Quay selling nice Pork Knuckles... I'm drooling now while writing this statement. The outlet called Berlin Bier Haus.

  22. tz, yes, i think that is the German house.. i passed that by..

  23. Looks like Straits Quay got quite a lot of things now. I haven't even been there. And I've nvr been to Delicious b4. Food on the pricey side eh. But there's no harm in indulging urself once in awhile. :)

  24. i like your spirit. U don't mind spending money on food and you said it well "Money are meant to be spent" ! haha..... I would love to have your salmon.....look so yummy !


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