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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Favourites

It has been a long while since I last cook... in fact I seldom cook unless one of the princes are home... when they are home, I feel very happy cooking because I love to see the food all finished at one go....

If only me and my girl, there will be remainder cos both of us are "diet conscious." lol.... but with sons, they are different... they don't bother about their "body figure" as much as us ladies...

Here are a few dishes that I cook again and again when they come home...

their favourite potatoes and minced meat
cooked with tomatoes, big onions and special sauce..

my girl's favourite beancurd fish cake...

stir fry okra with dried prawns and chilli...
my favourite...

ABC soup... everyone's favourite

A meal for three...


  1. So when I go Ipoh,you also cook for me or not? LOL!!!

  2. Mmm....these are my favourites too :)

  3. Lovely food and thats quite a bit you have prepared.

  4. stp: i think no time to eat home cooked food la..

    barb: high 5

    nava: not too much actually..

  5. yum yum, the dishes above are my favorite too:)

  6. looks yummy! I love okra too :D

  7. Waaaa... potato and minch meat. i like that oso~

  8. jennifer: high 5

    merryn: the ladies' fingers..

    cleff: from young till old, we r still loving it..

  9. simple and delicious meal...:-)

  10. looks good can dunno taste good anot? :P

  11. Ooh!! I love all those food that you cook here! Even though I cannot taste it, I can imagine it! yummy! : )

  12. Typical Kong Foo (Cantonese) dishes
    So Ngam... All the dishes mentioned are also my family's favourite.
    ABC soup = everyone's favourite
    Fried okra = Mum's favourite
    Potato & minced meat = Dad's favourite
    Beancurd fishcake = My favourite

  13. pam, these are my childhood dishes.. i guess brought down from generation to generation.. hahaha..

  14. claire can cook, can blog, can sing , can dance, can play the guitar, can joke...yay!!


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