Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Not Penang Hawker Food?

One of my main purpose of going to Penang is to visit Andy and I know (I hope) he is also looking forward to seeing me as well.... ahem, ahem..... now no girlfriend yet, mum is the priority, right, Andy? Well, I guess he does not answer me here cos he rarely reads my blog!

Back to the topic, yes, my reason of going to Penang is to visit Andy and taking him out for nice proper food. Many of you were puzzled why I did not go for hawker food during my trip to Penang, after all, it is famous for its hawker cruisine, yes?

I don't mind going for hawker food but since Andy is staying there and eating hawker food day in and day out, I was thinking as a mum, (ahem... again) I should treat him to something nice and special when I am there.... hehehe.... is that a good reason?

But being a non-hokkien and not speaking one, I learn a lesson or two when I ordered food like these... this shop we went was at Kimberley Street... famous for its steamboat and some dishes..

Andy wanted sweet sour sliced pork...
this dish was nice ...

the lady boss recommended something crabby...
so I agreed.. and came out these fried stuff...
turned out to be minced prawns, meat and crabs fillings..
Well, not bad la.. something different...

a plate of spinach...

lastly and not least.. steamed fish..
guess how much this fish cost?
Alone by itself, it cost RM54!!

That was not the lady boss's fault but ours...
We do not understand Hokkien language..
She gave us two choices...
And I opted for the 2nd choice she gave...
Turned out this fish is SeaBass! LOL...

Well, overall our dinner with one seaweed soup cost RM104.00...
Never thought a simple dinner like this can cost that much!
Anyway, hope Andy enjoyed his meal...
Now he is back to his Hawker Food! LOL...


  1. haha, are those really penang food?? i can only think of char koay teow, asam laksa, rojak only~~ :D

  2. to eat food at this type of restaurant is to help the taukay to get richer but your stomach poorer !

  3. I was bred in Taiping, a Hokkien speaking town but I can hardly speak the dialect.

  4. You are every child's dream mommy, so thoughtful and always put your children on the 1st place! Your boy is blessed to have you, give a pat on your back bestest mommy on earth!

  5. eating out is not going to be cheap nowadays..the cheapest place to eat would be at the school canteen..:DD we sometimes eat breakfast there and ta pau dinner from there time to cook proper dinner and have to choice!!

  6. that's expensive for a fish dish but nevrmindlah, since you said money is used for spending and afterall, all that goes to your tummy!

  7. *gasp* The minced prawns, meat and crabs fillings looks...horrible. I mean presentation wise lar. :p

  8. Ewww!... I agree that minced prawns looked weird like some gruesome & mutilated organs of a corpse! LOL Muahahaha!! I am Penang-kia and never seen this kinda food.

  9. eeeeeeeeeek.. da second pics looks weird! lol.. so geli me see! :P

  10. What a nice treat for him!! Yes, why buy him hawker food when he probably eats it all the time? It all looks really good, except for the second picture, ick!! I still can't figure out your money, so I never know how much anything costs!! But I gather it was a whole lot!

  11. sweet and sour sliced pork, my favourite everywhere, be it KL or penang. :)

    its ok to indulge in good steamed fish, fresh and yummy!

  12. Kimberley Street... which restaurant is this? Looks like the food is not value for money eh~ So how's the taste?

  13. The pork looks great. The thing in the second photo...ugh!!! Here, if we have steamed fish (or crabs and prawns), can expect to be more too... More expensive to eat these things.

    Yes, I'm sure Andy welcomes a change from what he eats every day. No girlfriend? Already tukar baju kah? Terror lah, your son! Hehehehehe!!!

  14. Now no need to eat fish lah,,, mogok mogok price go up up and away,,, so try to stay away from fish,, not worty at all, i reckon......

    but to you the concern is not always about the money, it is about the liking of your Andy,,,nice mom you lah

    god bless you, give you money more more ok

  15. Hayley: out of the 4, right?

    sk: i guess penang is better for hawker food!

    anonymous: 100% right!

    pam: how come ah? haha..same with me, i m teochiew but hardly knows how to speak as one!

    alice: wahhhlauu... i m on sky high now.. haahah..

    agnes: i also used to go school canteen to eat but now they are stricter already! no outsiders...

  16. lena: spend till no more then satisfied.. hahaha...

    tekkaus: i took a second look just now.. yeah!! right , horrible looking!!

    twilight: u must go try and tell me nice or not!

    merryn: geli or not, they went to my stomach liow!! but they tasted good come ah..

    ginny: it is around... 35usd..

    isaac: i think ipoh is cheaper..

    tz: so so only la.. but a lot of people go there..for steamboat i guess..

    stp: aiyah..teenager. dont be so serious first.. they have a long way to go.. change baju also never mind la..

    eugene:yah, as long as they enjoyed, we are happy parents, hor..

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Hi Reana, Andy is a lucky boy with a loving, caring mom. And the food looks good to me.
    Love that fish dish.....
    But the price? Holy Smoke! THAT is expensive!
    $18.00 Canadian!! I can get a huge lobster for that price, ha ha.

    Anyway, its not the money, right.....its for Andy.
    Wayyyyy to go, Reana. You're a good mom.

  19. You have been posting lots of food pics recently, Claire.... And I've been getting a lot of gastric juice in my tummy :p

  20. U.Lee: any mum or dad will do that when their kids go to college.. much better too!

    yvonne: sorry..cos my passion is eating and walloping.. hahaa..

  21. Ooh you are such a thoughtful mom! Ya I'm sure Andy will welcome a change on his makan place. And he will always welcome you, and probably wish you can visit him more often. LOL!

  22. Claire, the second dish look a bit funny...ehemm...not so into it looking at it...ahahahahha..

  23. same in every restaurant - fish is always slated as "market price." unfortunately, they can tell you any price & they can weigh anyhow they like.

    but that doesn't take away the fact that you're a good mum to Andy.

  24. WAH!! RM25 for that fish, which does not look that big too, really cut throat. She cut your throat coz she knew you are not Penangnite :)

  25. You are a good momsie...Andy will love you more next time :)))

  26. cheeyee: i guess we parents are like that.. scared not feeding their kids enough..

    doc: yes, agree with u.. fish is always up to them to charge...

    yeeling: dont judge book by its cover.. hahaha..

  27. Oh the crab cake is absolutely delish. It's an old-style preparation rarely seen these days. I visit an old restaurant in KL just to have this in the 4-seasons dish. Have you seen this in Ipoh? I think the cantonese love to serve this.

    Gu lou yuk looks heavenly! ;)

  28. gratitude, you are the only one who have praises on the 2nd dish.. hahaha..

  29. cloudia: yeah yeah!!

    Elin: all moms are best!

  30. U r such a great mum ! I hope I can be like you when my kids grew up later.

  31. oh gosh..dont say that.. u can be much better than me definitely!


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