Saturday, July 9, 2011


My girl and I have this in common... (finally!)
Both of us have the same craze for this type of T-shirt that says.. I HEART............
In fact both of us have a few I HEART ...... er... I HEART Singapore, I HEART Penang, I HEART KL....

Yesterday while walking in the shopping mall, we came across I HEART IPOH t-shirt, never before we saw any shop selling this... quickly we asked the price and grabbed two of them... Not cheap though, it cost RM18 for small size and RM20 for medium.

I told my girl that both of us will wear the same shirt some day, OK?..... and her reaction? *aiks, see first... *

our Heart Tee-s
too bad they don't have yellow ones.. hahaha...
I love the V collar collar unlike the common round ones..
and this one is also special in a way...
Front and Back also says...
nice hor?
Anyone wants one? :)


  1. Ipoh mali..yellow color lagi the 'V' for ladies.

  2. kianfai: need to say here la! :p

    bananaz: i wanted to say that.. CLEAN shirt... hahaha..

  3. Can I have this for Xmas? kakakakaka! S size ah. =D

  4. woot, couple t shirt for your girl and you? sweet :P

  5. I will buy ' I heart daddy' for my two kids ... Hehe

  6. can print one right? lol. go find a tshirt printer and print all the hearts u like, i <3 mummy, i <3 bersih, i <3 malaysia.... LOL

  7. stp: i will check and let u know! hahaha..

    cleff: to keep or to wear? :)

    isaac: yeah.. mother and child.. :)

    chris: so biased! hahaha.. but nice...

    medie: yeah, sure got.. dont know which is cheaper, to print or to buy..

    wenn: agree with u!

  8. To wear.... wakakakaka... den I wanna go bodek Eugene for I Heart Penang wan oso... wakakakaka... den go bodek Cikgu for I Heart Sibu. LOL! See... i so clever wan! Den go bodek Kat's hubby for I heart Terengganu! LOL. Got 4 states there liao!

  9. Are those Tees available in department stores? Or is it pasar malam?

  10. claire, i get one and then we dye it yellow and walk together. Safe or not?

  11. hey, i would love to get one. can you pls let me know where to buy it?

  12. cleff: wahh.. u beat me to it.. i was thinking of the same thing!! but penang one i got liow..

    Pam: opposite the bowling alley in Parkson.. if u want, i can get a S size for u... ok?

    lena: i think safe gua.. over liow ma.. right?

    barb: what size u want? :) how many? hahaha.. as if i m in biz now.. hahaha..

  13. Thanks Claire. Don't take the trouble to get me one cos I will going to Parkson one of these days. Thanks a million!

  14. Thanks Claire. Don't take the trouble to get me one cos I will be going to Parkson one of these days. Thanks a million!

  15. i want "I Heart Claire" can ah? :D

  16. Now I MUST see a picture of you and your girl together wearing them!

  17. I love your blog!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  18. Hi Reana, wayyyy to go! I too love Ipoh for sentimental reasons.
    Have fun.

  19. Heheheh, (Re your comment about boats) West Malaysians very scared of our rivers and boats. including my husband.

    As for me, grew up swimming in the river and taking boats.

  20. pam: alright! there are crazy tshirts there...

    merryn: lets see how many wants that first!! hehehe..

    ginny: alright..wait.. we will!!

    cloudia: thanks!!

    u.lee: yes, i know u do! :)

    ann: cos i dont know swimming, that is why! hahaha..

  21. seconded Merryn..'I Heart Claire'...hahaha...


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