Monday, July 11, 2011

Nasional Service Namelist 2012 - Updated Or Not?

I woke up feeling giddy this morning... immediately I told myself, "OK, no going to office today!" I slumped back on my pillow, continuing my nameless dream....

Yes, I slept very late last night, almost 1am... er... what did I do? Lots... multi-tasking, one right hand on the mouse, one eye on the laptop and another eye on the TV screen! Hebat not? Geng not? Believe it or not? Surely unbelievable.. where I can do this!

But one thing is true... I watched this "amazing movie" on TV called American Werewolf in Paris!! hahahaa... I cannot believe I watched this crap movie and enjoying it to bits!

Ok, while watching, I hit, hit and HIT the enter button endless times on call me an Anxious Mum... yeah, I accept that...

Well, I don't know to believe or to trust the response it gave me this morning... it said, "Maaf, andy tidak dipilih etc etc...." *sorry, you are not chosen for this national service program 9/2012*...

The "MAAF" word is sweet.... but then.... is it true??

Most of my girl's friends also received the word "MAAF...." *Sorry*

Don't tell me the list is not updated yet???


  1. let's pray that the maaf word stays!

  2. hahaha... so cham... maaf needed more than tahniah!

  3. Print it out as black and white to keep, and take this as final answer. Then, forget totally about NS.

  4. That's probably the sweetest 'maaf' you've ever received. Let's celebrate the irony...

  5. Since it states 2012...then that should be it. Can relax now lah...

  6. Let's hope it has been updated. :p

  7. Andy tidak terpilih? You meant 'anda' is it? LOL Coincidentally you also have a son named Andy, but I guess he's much too old for National service right? :)

  8. hahaha...sweet witch!! so u noticed.. i didnt.. yeah, my son Andy.. what a blunder i made.. i guess no one notice it except u!

  9. They say "maaf" to u, I say "tahniah" to u. :)


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