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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paddington And Penang Airport

Upon checking in to Gurney Hotel around noon, we relaxed for awhile in the room, turned on the computer and checked my emails. My kids were lazing on the couch and bed in front of the television. After an hour or so, we started our next program by driving all the way to Queensbay mall.

We wanted to take something light.... not too full because we have plans to go for a heavy type of dinner later in the evening.... so we came here....

First time coming by...

and we ordered this to share among us...
I forgot the name already...
mixed types of fruits with some mini pancakes...

four types of accompaniment for the mini pancakes..
strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate and... maple syrup..

their happy faces....

and exhausting look!

After an hour or so, we got on to our next mission...

oh... it was under renovation....

The Penang International Airport!
Hope to see a more beautiful airport the next time we come...

It was like a bus terminal inside...

nevertheless we checked out the arrival time....
Oh Yes! The plane has landed... on time!

coming out from the arrival hall.....
Welcome... welcome.....

more pictures tomorrow...


  1. welcome to penang! when r u going back to ipoh? ah.. the airport's condition is terrible kan? one of my friend actually stepped on a nail at the construction area and injured himself when he flew back from Japan.

  2. heard of paddington but never been there. I heard they got a long list of varieties and creative pancakes.

  3. yingying: yeah, quite bad.. hope when it is finished, it will be great!

    lena: actually you can make your own pancakes.. much nicer too!

  4. Have never eaten at Paddington - must try one day! : )

  5. Your story kept me waiting, I was anxious to see what you were doing there! The meal looks like the best you have ever shown, but how was it? I would have LOVED it!!

  6. Next I want to see the heavy dinner that you ate later! There is no bread in my post today, but the wreath is made of wheat, the main bread ingredient.

  7. You must be very happy to see your son is back.. ^_^..

    eh?? where is your trade mark?? so tired face.. why la.. hihihi...

  8. You must be very happy to see your son is back.. ^_^..

    eh?? where is your trade mark?? so tired face.. why la.. hihihi...

  9. the pancakes looks nice.

    Eh you're still in Penang? Have fun there !!

  10. Oooooo. my...oops...I mean, your son's home! Ehem! Ehem! Muahahahaha!!!! Aiyor....that airport - they have been at it for soooooooo long now. Same thing with Sibu airport - real nuisance...and they work at a snail's pace. Tsk! Tsk!

  11. foong: if you like pancakes then go for it...

    ginny: yes, we had a heavy dinner at one of the hotels buffet..

    cath: well, i guess age is catching up lar..

  12. isaac: no, i m back in home sweet home.. working today.. sigh..

    stp: LOL.... someone is drooling now.. u must "hint" to Melissa to get her prince soon!! ahemmm ...

  13. Home Sweet Home!!!!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  14. what a sinful one!!! >.< and oh home sweet home! :)

  15. the pancake looks good and delicious, i remember i had that before but just like you can't remember its name, haha.. :D

  16. cloudia: yes.. sweet home..

    carol: diet diet!!

    sk: we looked thru the menu.. see the picture nice.. just point! :p

  17. wai wai,,, soon you guys will see the new airport lah, just hang it there ya..

    sorry claire, did not manage to help you to get the heong peng, sorry sorry ya

  18. Drooling over the ice-cream, pancakes, and banana dessert.

  19. Oh my goodness, that meal, dessert whatever it is, looks absolutely phenomenal! Wow!

    I am visiting from VB! I am also now following your blog. Hope you will come visit my blog sometime as well.


  20. Aiyor...why did he fly back to Ipoh via Penang? Could have flown direct here to Sibu...

  21. That looks yummy. I am already a follower of your blog but stopping by from VoiceBox to say hello. Have a fantastic week!

  22. It has been quite a long time have not been to Penang Intl Airport. Used to go Penang Airport back in the 80s just for the fun of dropping by. Able to catch up with the latest trend of the travellers on their dressing, luggage etc..hahaha. Those were the days.

  23. eugene: no problem.. i wanted the address only.. we found the shop but they were all sold out so we went to jelutong where their factory is..

    sheohyan: drool never mind.. no gain weight one.. hahaha...

    atlanta: thanks!!

    stp: no la..we met in penang..

    brenda: thanks!

    bananaz: just for the fun? sure or not.. hehee..

  24. you must be so happy, enjoy guys :D

  25. Hi Claire,

    I was staying at the Gurney Hotel too on the 23rd & 24th & checked out on the 25th. Rgds, KG

  26. Luciana: yes, we were.. thanks!

    KG: oh did you? even we crossed paths, u might recognise me and my kids but not me .. u.. :)
    too bad we didn't...

  27. Hey! You know what, me and my boys were at Paddington Mid Valley on Sunday night too, having pancake dinner. LOL

    You know what, now i realise your girl look like you a lot, the picture that you with the orange juice, i can see your girl face.

  28. yalor, u look tired and not happy too.

    A lot nice food in penang, yum yum :)


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