Sunday, August 14, 2011

British Visas Made Easy?

Ever since my kids were young, I have already "brainwashed" them into thinking that I did not have enough money to send them for overseas studies. I remember telling them that all they can do is local universities only and if they want to study in Australia, UK or US, sorry la... mama here couldn't afford.... sigh.... I told that if they really wanted to go, they would have to put more efforts to obtain a scholarship...

Thank God... both of them are scholarship holders, though local, I am thankful that my burden is very much enlightened.....

Now as I grow older and they grow bigger, I would like to see them continue their studies in a foreign land.... will it be possible? Any loans or grants available to pursue their masters or degree?

Why am I blogging about this today? I just read in The Star that British visas are made easier to apply... how easy I do not know but I hope my kids will have an opportunity to go overseas even if it is for short term, a year... or two.... Let them experience what I have not...

As the Chinese saying goes, "Can study brings heartache, cannot study brings headache....."


  1. Haha... I like the literal translation of "took tuck yao tao toong, took ng tuck yao tao toong". As s student, I always wanted to study abroad. At times, I actually compared the financial status of my family's with the other loaded ones. However, now I have grown up and I am sitting in bliss for not adding burden to both my parents. Local tertiary education may not be as good as oversea's but many local graduates are advancing equally well in their career, with some even better than those who have been 'soaked in brine' (chum koh ham sui)...

  2. Wah! Your anaks all so pandai one - both on scholarship... Well, can go to the UK to do their masters - one year the pinch is not as sakit as doing the whole thing there.

    It's not a matter of whether you are local or overseas graduate that determines whether you are better - it's just a piece of paper. What matters most is who you are, your attitude and what you are capable of and how far you are willing to go at your work.

    Going overseas is good as it can be an eye-opener - you get the overseas experience that can broaden your perspective towards life and things in general...but sadly, many go there and they hang around among themselves all the time - these people might as well stay at home.

    Wah! Very long story this one... LOL!!!

  3. wow, this post is up STP alleys, lots of advice and all :)

    I think if there's a chance to obtain an overseas education why not, the experience gained there is much different. They will end up having a wider perspective of the world.

  4. kathy: no la..not fernie.. if she goes, i have to follow. hahaha..

    pam: yes, and that one example is you too! you are doing good over here, going overseas could be a burden to those not so loaded as yours truly here but then, if one can manage, it is worth sending for one or two years.. actually we havent really go into it yet...

    stp: as usual, you are very right, it is just the paper that is different.. yes, if not serious in studying, then it will be a waste to spend thousands.. but if they can, it is a waste to stop at this level.. i would prefer them to continue and study to their heart's desire... i know where education is concerned, you have lots of advice to give.. keep them coming.. perhaps i will email to you when i need some personal advice later on... *ahem*

    isaac: it is just a thought.. nothing is starting as yet.. this is only a mother's wish..

  5. Help!!! Claire! Chong Wei lost again!

  6. Hi, I am dreading my kids getting to the age of university! saw you on blog hop, now google following you. Please pop by, Karima x

  7. I love the way you bring up your kids. I will send you an email soon to share some tips with you on this overseas thing.

  8. I'm your newest follower..stopping by from Monday Monkey blog hop. would love it if you decided to follow my blog.

  9. Haha, I like your Chinese saying. Your children are clever to obtain scholarships :). Must be clever Mummy too, giving them clever genes.


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