Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Caroline And Eric From Kuala Lumpur

I received an unusual sms yesterday... something like this... "coming to Ipoh.. want to meet up for yamchar?" signed Caroline...

Indeed I was very surprised to receive a sms from Caroline saying she and Eric are in Ipoh for three days 2 nights... but unfortunately I was leaving for Taiping when the sms arrived...

That was yesterday... today I am back in Ipoh after attending an event in Taiping (will blog about it soonest)...

The Taiping post have to "make way" for Caroline and Eric today... these pictures were taken just a couple of hours ago... so it is like "Fresh From The Oven"... hahahaa.....

Surprised to know that Eric is Once an Ipoh boy.... so I guess he is familiar with Ipoh...

Around 8.30pm, I drove over to where they stayed and upon Eric's request, we went to Kam Wan Ipoh Garden aka The Gourmet Square.... for our "supper."

"flooded" and crowded...

chinese saying "yan sang yan hoi"

look at our Professional Photographer! not bad eh....
and our lady friend busy tweeting, I suppose?

I only managed to capture this order - MINE!

The Unexpected Meet-up
Caroline and Eric!
Sweet Couple..
Old enough to be my kids!


  1. You are one of the Icon in Ipoh mah. Must visit if happens to be in Ipoh . kakaka...Wah sure have hand letters from KL lo :) Happy munching

  2. whoa so fast! :o haha nice meeting u and ur friend! :D and thanks so much for bringing us go for food hunt and i get to try some yummy foods! :D:D

  3. not tweeting!! LOL! was replying to Christopher and Kian Fai comment on the pic i uploaded with u in fb!! *aiyo*

  4. i love the ice kacang!! yummier than what i had yesterday! not to forget the lala!! my favorite!! :D:D

  5. next time sure gonna stay longer to visit n venture Ipoh! xD am quite surprised with those foods are everywhere at here! @.@

  6. ohno! sorry for spamming but im really happy get to meet u in person! haha! :D next time u come KL just let us know n we bring u go makan makan too!! xD will bring witch n saucer too! :D and who know Panda oso can join us! ;)

  7. oh you met up with the sweetest couple already! Niceeeee.

    I'm still bummed out until now don't get to meet up with you yet Claire :(

  8. kathy: no need hand letters lo.. i feel bad if everyone comes with hand letters hahaha... paiseh.. i owe u..

    caroline: keep on spamming, i no mind as long as it is someone i know.. carry on spamming.. sorry that no time to take u both out longer... next time come again, but do tell me earlier.. hehehe.. i will try to cancel appointments.. wahh lau...

    isaac: why dont u organize a bloggers' meet in KL? hehehe..

  9. Nice, you met up with carol mei mei & eric!! Next time I come back i belanja u ah ....

  10. sweet couple, indeed! glad you had a great time!

  11. Finally you meet up with Caroline and Eric haha!! So did they behave? LOL!!!

  12. Oh! Caroline is such a sweetie! Good thing you and the lovebirds both met up in the flesh.

    BTW, I just replied to your email. Sorry for the delay. Doing my tasks now ;-)

  13. They are cute, are they a married couple? Old friends of yours?

  14. Oooo...the lovebirds!!! Hey! I thought you went to KL?

  15. Your 'I love Ipoh' t-shirt really suits you... the 'ambassador' of Ipoh, ha ha...

  16. It's nice to always meet someone from blogging.

  17. i love the popiah there! did you guys try that?

  18. Seems like you're quite free and meet up with a few bloggers already ya.... =)

  19. You promote Ipoh just like STP promote Sibu. Ipoh Mali = Reanaclaire; Sibu Mali = Suituapui! hahaha. Wearing the I ♥ Ipoh T shirt woh..Wowie the Pro with his camera in action cukup ada gaya betul ah!.

  20. Nice to know you had good times with the C and the E

  21. chris: i listen first as usual! :)

    gigi: first time meeting them..

    foong: er.. er.......

    lainy: yeah, i got it!

    ginny: no, not married as yet.... they are bloggers, first time meeting them... :)

    stp: no la.. i m in ipoh .. no wonder u said something that I went to KL.. i scratched my head.. hahaa..

    yuinting: hahaha... unpaid ambassador..

    chubs: yes, u r right!

    wenn: yes, they are..

    lena: no, they didnt.. they tried other stuff..

    hayley: yes, quite a few.. hahaa..

    bananaz: good to meet up new friends in the blogging world..

    eugene: very short meetup.. but glad that i did..

  22. OOh forgotten about our Penang mali=G~dfather Eugene..muahahaha next time Bananaz kena M16 baru tahu. hahaha

  23. Ohh the Ipoh icon! How was your dessert??

  24. the orang with peel lagi in da dessert? edible ah the peel? :P

    so nice get to meet up :D

  25. bananaz: never mind one... he wont come by to read.. hahaha...

    sweetwitch: ok lar.. nothing spectacular..

    merryn: didnt even touch it.. looking at the sweet couple, sweet liow!

  26. Wow...almost all bloggers have meet up with you aye. :p

  27. wow. power of blog huh? connect everyone together! haha

  28. wah wah you like celebrity lei. Everyone go to Ipoh, sure give you a tinkle. I have yet to meet up with you.


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